Hey, CCP. i know what your doing and i dont think its going to work

I’ve been afk for the last year or so, so I don’t have all the pieces…
but I have enough to know what you are up to over in CCP HQ.

First, the “temporary” starvation period, followed by a generous attitude towards free skill points, followed by more isk-sinks and ingame market drains, and then a ship nerf+and a more uncomplicated mod-tiercide… followed by “lets ban more bots/isk buyers” then the expert systems “who do you want to be today” and now… the upcoming industry “tiercide” that everyone says is going to drive up the isk cost of ships

It’s quite clear that EVE is using a multipronged approach towards changing EVE into something that becomes more accessible the more $$$ you spend, and less about how much time you have spent in-game… historically this used to be true for “the longer you trained skills for” (and this is the point as to why it won’t work)

I get it, it is said that what we humans spend on GAMES annual, could feed 2-3 semi-large country … and you want your piece.
So now EVE is turning more towards the usual “pay 2 win” schematic…
or to be more on point; “pay irl$ 4 instant gratifications and enjoyment of x & y-pixels”.

EVE/CCP doing poorly financially? then im not against this new schematic, but I wonder… is it this or pure greed?

Also, I’d just want to point out that, as eve is now… it’s not going to work.
The point is that the more time you spend training skills, the more time you spend getting to know this “advanced” unforgiving game, thus you also enjoy the game on another level.
eve universe is too big, in some regards and too small in others.

- pay2win is not going to work as intended, in a game without bounds/laws… the games needs to be a whole lot simpler and forgiving…
simply put, the income revenue from those new player wallets is going to be “one-hit wonders” when they are successfully ganked in highsec… or coming out from a PVE-dungeon (abyssal) by someone living in his moms basement (or a van…) with 30 accounts.

i guess these “expert systems” are a good first step towards opening the door for new players, but it hafto evolve further… and be more generous.
I’m also pretty sure you guys will need to reduce the price for plex … I know that you holding this ACE for a future “free get out of jail” for when the majority of players have “had it” or atleast you should be


I think this is great! I would much rather spend 1 hour working IRL for 5 bucks to spend on ISK rather than playing for 5 hours to grind it. In fact, I think we need to get more for our buck. It is completely unfair that a player who spends 500 dollars only gets 35 billion while other players who have never spent a cent can have trillions.

One main thing that I really want to advocate for is an IRL money to Unallocated SP conversion. We need this. I hate having to wait for 1 year to even sit in a titan hull, not to mention the 2 years of training on top of that for the support skills.

Keep doing this CCP you’re doing fine, these are great ideas. You make money, we enjoy more content, its a win-win for everyone!


Makes sense to me.

My post or the other guy?

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[quote=“Krimmins, post:2, topic:303434, full:true”]
In fact, I think we need to get more for our buck. [/quote]

same, thats why i dont like the new changes.
“the bang” cost more and more isk as time progress (or RL money from plex.)

thing is thou, CCP have developed this game so that titans are pretty much useless, its just an expensive pixel blob for 99.9998% off the gameplay time.

BUT… what you want to spend your RL $ on is up to you!

they make money. (period)… we dont enjoy more content in reality or in the long run.

Your post.

yeah, he is agreeing with my post, he just dont know it.
so… you are agreeing with us both.

The titan hull is just an example, and yes this game should reward players who spend money on it. I should be able to pay $99 for Supercarrier skills or something which is like a day of work so I can enjoy months of fun. I fact, it would be better if CCP actually controlled the economy, make things more affordable. Like I could RMT for a titan or super at a reasonable price, but that’s a little far-fetched for a game like Eve Online, where players enjoy the full player-built economy.

The most important thing we need is an RMT for sp, this is a great idea. Any new player can now come in, spend a couple of bucks, and experience high-end Capital or t2 PVP and PvE. Why join the game and spend months grinding high sec anomalies so you can finally afford a t1 battleship that you lose the second you step foot in low sec for some PVP.

I am saying the exact opposite of you, why are you begging for validation from strangers?

as i said. you dont know it.
you call for more RMT, you call for more “bang for the buck”…

you dont grasp the situation,…
you dont see the correlation behind ccp introduced game mechanics to ramp up the cost of ships.

that is, ccp are employiong active measures (and have done so in the past year) so that we player’s get LESS bang for the “buck” / isk.

ps. i also stated in the first post that RMT is a good step, but it needs to evolve further… aka you come in here with suggestions to RMT into a titan… = you are agreeing with me 100%.

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Oh ok I see. I did not understand what you were trying to say. I am glad we agree, though I can imagine most of the player base does not.

Yes same :slight_smile: im to complicated to write good understandable posts.
perhaps we agree about some part of the RMT, perhaps not on everything.

well, the majority of players dont really agree what ccp are doing right now, both plex and skillinjectors have gone down in price…
but i think the RMT aka “pay2win” schematic is a necessary part of today’s gaming, it just needs to get implemented the right way… And i really think the way that its going right now… is the wrong way.

its like they cant commit fully, its kinda schitzo… hm.

Am I ? Ok lol

You already have it. It’s called buy Plex with irl$ → sell on market → use isk to buy injector (or your titan or whatever)

No we don’t need more of this crap in game.

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Yes, but the bang for your buck is terrible, we need something like 4-5 bucks = 1 mil sp.

Do the math on what a subscription costs and then the sp per month for perfect implant/remap.

CCP is never going to make it cheaper to not subscribe. Especially when it’s more convenient to just buy sp. The price $ per sp will always be higher with the most instant gratification.

Why not? They can get rid of subscriptions/training entirely, and sell SP solely through the cash shop.

A $-sp is a great idea because new players can instantly get into titans, dreads etc. More fun for everyone. CCP would make a lot of money off it.

Having the sub locks in people long term. Without the sub and just making the game free/selling sp this would lead to short term gains but fewer long term payers. Once you get a toon to were you want it just stop paying. Also if your paying a sub your more likely to log in and be part of the game as you feel you want to get something for the sub. If you just pay for sp the end there is no motivation to log in by sub alone.

A completely different business model altogether but would need much better new player recruitment to keep the money flowing and more incentives to log in.

If CCP just made the game completely free with buying sp, initially their income would crash through the floor as all the vets that have plenty of sp whom have been buoying up their income stopped paying. So they have to keep those people paying or increase the other income streams so that loss doesn’t matter. Hence the omega vs limited alpha skills.