CCP marketing being CCP... again

Fresh accounts get offers. For ages it has been the “1 month, 100 plex and a fitted destroyer (now with required skills insta trained)” which was a nice offer for people who were sure they wanted to invest and commit. Thing is, most actual day 1 newbies are NOT sure they want to commit (they’re not even sure if they should keep the game installed at that point) so I always thought the offer, while good, wasn’t really targeting new customers. From my perspective a shorter 1-2 week (with some cool goodies) offer at a lower price point would be far more enticing and inviting.

Apparently I have this all wrong because here’s the new offer and it doesn’t state any details:

In the eternal words of John Rourke: “HOW MUCH!?”.

Turns out that if you follow the link, which doesn’t bring you to the store page but directly to the payment options (another fail) there, in tiny font, it states to be for 3 months. Well done CCP, congrats on scaring away the few remaining potential customers you might have.


This is a returning player offer. It’s actually pretty good, equating to about 8 Euro/month. I’m not sure what you are being scared away by…

Oh no. A negative post from Aisha Katalen. :scream: Hell froze over, I guess.

Correct me if I’m wrong but to me everything in that ad is just plain misleading… This ad basically implies that Alpha Clone is standard game play option. Just exactly when did Alpha Clone start being presented as the main status for this game?

Now to address those points…

  1. Access To Entire Skill Tree (maybe after buying and training skills in specific order)

  2. Double Skill Training Speed (more like regular training speed since Alpha clones only do half speed training and are limited to a specific amount of SP’s total)

  3. Better In-game Event Rewards (not much difference between Alpha and Omega status for in-game event rewards listed in the Agency)

  4. Exclusive Omega Rewards (not much difference between Alpha and Omega status for Log-in rewards or the Daily Tasks - which was recently removed, correct?)

Anyway, gotta give credit to CCP though, they definitely know how to embellish…

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If anything that means you can’t just dismiss people for being shills just because they disagree with and tell you to stop sperging. Enjoy.

Given that it’s aimed at starters alpha IS their base experience, don’t think there’s much more to it than that.

1 they have access to it, which is factually true :slight_smile:

2 is just a perspective difference, given how long we’ve had f2p that’s understandable. Also from a marketing pov it’s better to state “double with premium” than “half for f2p”, not weird imo

3&4 some of the omega rewards are quite substantial. SOCT ships, better skins, more sp and other stuff. I suspect that part of the reason those reward mechanics exist in the first place is to differentiate between alpha and omega, to then use it as a selling point.

Fresh account, fresh email, no invite link used.

Normally what happens is that the first offer on account/character creation is a full month with no extras. When you then do some activities like starting to do career agents you get a second offer, the mentioned month+Plex+dessy.

None of those popped up, ONLY the 3 month offer exists and that includes the special deal section on the account webpage.

Do you still get the “Get Gid” offer when you lose your first ship in PVP?

It also beats me why CCP would not mention the 3 Months duration of the Omega status in this ad. This would be the biggest selling point and dispel any hesitation someone might have towards this offer.

Haven’t checked, I’ll give that a test.

The account exists because newbies were complaining about getting invite spam mail, since I didn’t get any I assumed people are scraping names again to mass mail 1 day newbies.

I’ve caught and reported several so far.

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For someone who’s committed it’s a good deal, yes. For someone who’s truly new and not even sure they like the game yet it’s a “hell nah” moment.

Helloo forum :grinning:

How I loooove this forum. It always smells like fresh conspiracy theories and brand new paranoia🤭

I don’t see anything wrong with that advertisement… I mean, if one understands what they are reading that is :sweat_smile:

Fifie knows her ABC

Naw, not buying it.

And that’s probably why CCP has hard time retaining new players. Instead of saying how it really is, they make it seem like Alpha Clone is the standard status to play this game. Then they hit the new player Alpha’s up with all kinds of hard sell tactics for them to sub.

And even if they do buy it, new players will still be far from accessing the entire skill tree. Hell, I’m an Omega Clone with almost 300 mil SP’s and I still don’t have access to the entire skill tree.

Only time Omega rewards are substantial is for Log-in rewards when In-game Event is happening. Other than that there’s definitely no difference on any other rewards.


@Aisha_Katalen that “balancing the books” background, I see what you did there :grin:

Still a good deal for rookies though.

When I started there wasn’t really a choice to not pay. You bought the game (dvd), and in that price was included one month free. You still had to register with a credit card and set up a payment plan. Doubts about playing the game, they didn’t matter then (or now). And that was true for all sub based games in the twothousands



Lots of things were different back then, not all of them were good. I have tons of deluxe cases for upcoming MMO’s that fluked. Being able to test out a product before buying is just a good idea, I see no valid reasoning to argue against that.

My point is that the only offer shown is a high one and while that’s for 3 months (and a good offer at that) it’s not something that will entice a completely new player and even worse they might very well go “fck that” and stop bothering because of it.

Damn … They didn’t even bothered to ask you to dinner first !

Well, I am somewhat offended tbh, OP got a better deal than me(40% off). I guess I won’t bother, then.

It doesnt state that its for 3 months there in the screen, completely new player person can think that it is forever. They even put it in small font further away, not ON FIRST PLACE so they technically informed its for 3 months, but not really.

Scum of the earth (biblical proportions).

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I didn’t even think of that possibility. That makes this even worse as they might think it’s buy to play.

Maybe it should just say ‘stop freeloading off the people who are paying for the game’…if you want brutal honesty.

Update. If you can’t be bothered with the first offer and let it run out, the next is this:

Seems they CAN get it right AND it’s a good offer.