Omega Training Time Is Ridiculous

I pay a sub and i’ve still been heavily paywalled - i either need to wait 22 - 23 days! or pay (alot) more to get access to version 2 of (one single type of) a medium weapon and 5% extra CPU and grid power?

(Only 2 skills out of the 5 are requiring the 5th level training - so i’m not just trying to say, max everything then complain it takes too long.)

Is this an out of season April fools joke?

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Some skills have larger training modifiers than others. Basic skills, such as Gunnery, are low, so you have the ability to fire guns pretty much straight away, whereas training into say, a titan, will take longer. You can use implants to increase your stats, meaning you will train faster, or respec yourself so that you learn skills that use those specific stats learn faster. You can learn more from EVE Uni’s guide, located here.


So you want to be equally skilled in a month of playing as people who have been paying for 15 years?

In two weeks I can fly and fund a ship to do level 4’s (except burners) and make 100m isk a day in a couple hours, usually while doing housework. I should not be just as skilled as others who have spent years to maked 100m isk every half hour. They paid their time into the game and are rewarded for it. Eve has always had a steep learning curve, but it’s far easier for brand new players to get into good stuff, then what those players had to do to get where they are.

Tech II is powergamer stuff. It’s not meant to be for the casual gamer who just started. And just because you can sit in something, doesn’t mean you should.


Entitled, it’s a thing. But not in Eve.


It’s not really a pay wall. This is normal training time for skills. Things take time to acquire in eve. It’s what makes them valuable.


Do you also yell incoherently like that when you have to destroy 1 Million NPC in other programs to advance one level? You clearly don’t understand how progression in entertainment software works.

After 5 years, my main is up to 105 million SP. Not sure what the maximum is these days - well over 400 million - so there is still a lot to learn. That’s the beauty of Eve. No matter how long you’ve been playing - there is still stuff to learn and Eve is a game where player skill matters a lot more than character skill. Some people find that out the hard way after spending a fortune on injectors. You’re not going to succeed as a combat pilot unless you know how to use your skills. Nor will you succeed as an industrialist unless you understand the markets.

Can’t quote myself, because the thread’s locked, so I’ll just copypaste my generic response to people with short attention spans or princesses who believe they should have it all immediately:

Before skill injectors people accepted the fact that they needed to train, because they didn’t treat the game like an arcade where they can just pop in, do ■■■■, pop out again.

It’s called “progression”, just like you “progress” in other games by grinding for XP. It’s the same thing, except that you do not actually need to waste your lifetime grinding like an addict and could instead just play the game. People accepted that training gives time to explore the game and they didn’t complain, because there was no need to.

Enter 2019 and the amount of instant gratification addicts (like you, OP) have skyrocketed. For you we now have skill injectors, because CCP is well aware that there are people who need their quick fixes and they are absolutely willing to throw away money so they can skip the legwork, because CCP knows that there’s tons of addicts out there who will want to throw away money for this.

CCP happily sacrificed an important part of the game (a sense of progression) for someone like you.

The problem isn’t the game.
The problem is you.

Thanks to people like you CCP significantly harmed the game …
… so you better spit out the money, do your time or go away.


he saying he is paywalled, because he thinks the only way to get a skill after doubling his training time is via injectors, lol

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Its not a paywall its a timewall, and its not a big timewall

Eve rewards patience and persistence


Your DOB is 06/06/2013 and you whine about skills now? Where are the cameras?
The exit is right this way and don’t forget to contract me your stuff.

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Did you read what I told you in another thread? Why do you think about waiting? Just
play the game! You don’t need T2 medium weapons to play. Set priority on low rank skills which enable you to do different stuff, so you have something to try every week.

When I started playing there were no skill injectors, but I never ran out of stuff to try/do while skilling up.

BTW, if you are not planning to play EvE for the years to come, you may as well stop right now and move elsewhere.


See this? This is me doing stuff with meta 4 guns and tech 1 ammo just to prove that I can.
I was perfectly capable of using tech 2 guns but the market didn’t want to sell them for a reasonable price, so I didn’t. Tech 1 stuff is fine.


“So you want to be equally skilled in a month of playing as people who have been playing for 15 years?”

Yeah, wanting the next level of weaponry to take less than a month of real time, is totally equal to wanting to be completely equally skilled as someone who has been playing for 15 years. The exaggeration (or incomprehension) is real.

“Tech II is powergamer stuff”

Oh ok cool, so there’s 2 levels of weaponry that takes training and there’s a massive jump from one to the other, with nothing inbetween. Theres no wep I wep II wep III wep IV wep V in the same amount of time or even longer - there’s just a months gap from level 1 to level 2. Not at all to get you to pay even more and completely fine…

“Entitled, it’s a thing”

Wanting any semblance of progression after the first 3 days, to take less than a month is entitlement? Interesting opinion.

“Do you also yell incoherently like that when you have to destroy 1 Million NPC in other programs to advance one level?”

Um to level once takes no more than a couple days, in the most grindiest games, while also being affected by your ability and general effort you put in and in summary general interaction with the game. comparing levelling in an mmo to a passive, completely uninteractive months gap for a weapon upgrade, is just…

“Did you read what I told you in another thread? Why do you think about waiting? Just
play the game!”

Here i don’t mean literally/phsyically waiting for it, but that you need to wait a month regardless of what you do in the meantime. Not very fulfilling progression. Very slow and happens regardless of what you do and just so happens to be able to be sped up with even more money.

I get it, some of you are so used to it, a sort of stockholme syndrome, some just don’t know better or can’t grasp the concept, differences, pitfalls and how it’s an overrall dodgier and less rewarding than usual system and that’s fine.

Hell the system would have been fine when it was created, over a decade ago where gameplay was emergent, you were thrown headlong into a wide new world and players weren’t quite as adept. But in this day and age? With access to todays resources, the tutorial and general guidance, as well as a base much faster pace of player capability and expectations?

I mean, such an archaic system just doesn’t fit in todays gaming society very well imo.

And i’mt not talking “must have now” instant gratification and/or accessibility of the dirty casul - i’m willing to spend time to earn something and being challenged for it, but having the progress instead happen passively? While so extremely slowly? With 0 interaction besides the option to pay more to speed up? For one type of one thing?


EDIT: again, i’d even settle for the exact same amount of progress spread out over 5 weapon levels, so there isn’t this massive gap inbetween each - exact same progression but incremental - not “give us a month sub for one weapon upgrade” (after just 3 days) in terms of character progression.


Man, you’re editting your post a dozen times by now.
That’s quite some butthurt about a game you should not be playing.


Buy a PS4 and go play Fortnite.


You monster D:

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But it’s a whole other level of funny when they lose it :wink: