Omega Training Time Is Ridiculous

(R4d1o4ct1v3) #21

Oh get over yourself. You sound like the biggest douche in the world right there. Talking down to people who have probably been playing MMOs for longer than you’ve been alive. (I’m assuming you’re around 12?)

If you don’t like EVE’s skill system, this game isn’t for you. It sure as hell won’t be changing, 15 years later. - I second the above poster suggesting Fortnite.

(Drago Shouna) #22

LOL, welcome to the club, wait until you have to wait a year for a skill to train, then complain :slight_smile:

(Whiskiz IronScrotum) #23

At least that wouldn’t be after just 3 days of playing and training, with Omega, on a sub-cap ship/medium weaponry.

(Drago Shouna) #24

We’ve all been there and done it, all you’ll get on here is piss taking and mocking…as you’re finding out.

You just need to decide if you’re willing to wait, if not either cancel the skill or find a more suitable game, because the wait just gets longer and longer.

(Agondray) #25

OP is the kind that doesnt want to wait, get his fill of the game now and leave the game feeling “finished” and bored in a matter of months

ALso t2 guns dont mean much at lvl 1

(JuuR Zibaoo) #26


in some games you need to play active to grind experience points or such stuff
in EVE you need to wait the time it takes

2 different ways with pro and con but it is what it is … if it is to long buy skill injectors


(Whiskiz IronScrotum) #27

For the third time - I’d be fine with the same progression but in smaller increments, maybe 5 weapon levels so at least you’re constantly working towards something - instead of a months gap of absolutely no character progression just 3 days after starting.

I find it even worse when you just so happen to indeed be able to speed up the process, by paying more money on top of the sub you paid for.

Learn to read.

(Tipa Riot) #28

You still didn’t get that SP progression is largely meaningless in terms of learning the game and progression as an EvE player. That’s why it’s passive. The only way to become a skillful EvE player is by playing (and BTW the less powerfull “gear” you use while learning the better you become).

The problem I see is, that you are overwhelmed with the freedom of own goal setting, and you want the game to guide you via SP progression. This does not work.

I can assure you once you have trained those T2 weapons, you will be frustrated because it a) makes no significant difference, and b) you get bored with the ship you train for pretty fast.

(Agondray) #29

you feel feel lucky, those injectors only came into existence in the past few years, and ive going on 14 years of playing. If training times were shorter id probably already be maxed out of skills.

ALSO no one says you have to pay money to get injectors for paywall, people have entire accounts farming sp to sell for isk.

(Brewlar Kuvakei) #30

You are miles of the mark and going no where fast in eve if you think sp has anything to do with isk phr.

I could make 1bn isk in 24hrs with a brand new 0 sp char by grinding. By day 2 I would be making 3bn isk per week fairly afk on top of any grind I felt like doing. (I’d not as I despise eve pvp and would sincerely rather paint walls then watch them dry or do any other basic min wage job than play eve as a pve game.).

Eve’s dungeons and npc’s are the most unimaginative drool I have ever experienced in gaming. (Not talking about art or lore, only gameplay).

Game knowledge in eve is far more important than sp for isk/phr. It however falls flat on its face to botting which is a zero skill, zero entry barrier activity and pays very well.

(Whiskiz IronScrotum) #31

Thanks for the feedback.

Trust me i’ve done a ton of reading online, a ton of the pilot side of things - from all the intricacies of how combat works, to enemy NPC damage types and resists, to ways to make income, how to make builds and how they counter eachother, info on ships and to train them some before even thinking about jumping in them, different activities you can do, even more on combat intricacies etc.

So i am working on that aspect too, but character progression is just as important fulfillment wise (as well as gmeplay wise - adding it to pilot skill as well as base stat increases is still really good, fite me in the same ship on an alpha account and give me a maxed training one and let’s see how that goes :stuck_out_tongue: for example.)

The main thing is i’m still of course at the point of messing around with my build. I came up with an awesome idea/fitting but was a bit of Power Grid off, i said ok then added power management to my training - half a day training not too bad. I then came up with another good build in the meantime but was just slightly off some CPU, so i add a CPU training - 4 days for that. I then look and see almost a month for weapons, then half a day and almost a week to upgrade the rest of my fit/build at all - i then have no idea what/how to prioritize and either way it means absolutely 0 build interactivity until i train something. But the only way to train? A ton of real time.

Swiftly kills character progression, build progression, all sense of progression. Makes things too stale.

And SP farming and botting, if these are the solutions then there is definitely something wrong.

(Nvega) #32

I agree with this gentleman Eve is not broken thank God you didn’t have to train learning skills

(Solonius Rex) #33

Yes. After April 2nd, the game will revert back to normal, where you have all skills maxed to 5, and all items and ships and modules will be on the market for 1 isk.

This is right after World of Warcrafts out of season april fools joke ends, and all their accounts for every single player gets instant increase to the highest level cap, and receive all the top war gear that were previously only attainable from grinding raids and dungeons for days, weeks, months on end.

Also, i hear universities are ending their out of season april fools joke, and anyone who applies to university will be able to get their diploma emailed to them immediately. No more spending 4+ years getting your medical degree!

(Terak Romaller) #34

OK. The OP has an issue, and having done long training runs for specialist skills I can sympathise. However, there’s not really a significant problem here - except that he’s a new player and doesn’t appreciate the range Meta weapons and modules he could use to equal effect.
Eve is deep. There’s a lot of detail.
But based on his above he knows that.

Let’s compare two small energy turrets. It’s what I know well, but applies in general across the board.
The Small Focused Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I and the Small Focused Pulse Laser II have the same statistics. Damage multiplier x3.6, rate of fire, range, tracking all the same. The only difference is the T2 can use advanced ammunition, uses about 25% more capacitor and has harder fitting demands.
There’s a slight increase in damage for the Small Pulse Turret specialist skill, but at most it’s half the difference between basic and Navy ammunition and never makes up for the difference in capacitor consumption (an energy turret is a device for converting capacitor into damage).
The only other difference is that the T2 weapon takes a long training time where as the Meta 4 turret (T2 is Meta 5) only needs the basic skill.
And Meta 4 turrets are cheaper.
And lot easier to fit in a hull.

Training Rapid Firing, Surgical Strike, Motion Prediction and the other basic Turrets skills will have more effective than training up for T2 turrets. Only bother with T2 kit for specialising - it’s not a “magic win gun”. You win by learning how and what to fight, and (more importantly) when you shouldn’t fight.

By the way, the advanced ammunition is a blessing and a curse - better damage, poorer application (or vice versa). If you don’t understand turret damage application then you are better avoiding them - Conflagration may look like a high damage crystal, but against small targets - the same size as you - it’s hard pressed to track and cleanly hit for all that damage.

So, I understand your frustrations - I’m a years old pilot and currently training for Minmatar HACs (no comments) so know that things take time. Learn the basics first, get skills to Level IV, work out what you like before specialising. Omega gives you a faster training rate than Alpha. Use it to try different ships and weapon systems.
Fit T2 modules and turrets where the intent of the ship points that way, Meta items for the supporting modules.

I know pilots that get good kills in ships designed for Alpha Clones - fittings from before they had T2 turrets. It’s not the skills, it’s the experience (and as good as the Eve University site is, it doesn’t teach experience).

Don’t fixate on “bigger = win” Eve isn’t balanced that way. Its more Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pencil, Elastic Band, Wombat, Sausages. With a certain amount of hope and prayer.

I’m still learning how this rabbit hole / game works - and that’s not a skill thing. Life, and New Eden is complex.

@Whiskiz_IronScrotum (god’s grace - did you stand at the back when they gave out names!?) feel free to reach out to me in game, get some time out in space flying ships you can fly rather than dreaming of a distant future.

(Dom Arkaral) #35

I think he doesn’t realize that the smaller ships you get to fly first are the funniest ones

There’s nothing fun about flying a big lumbering ship lol

For the record, the first T2 ship I was able to sit in was the Paladin, I couldn’t fit anything but t1 reps. It took another 6 months to have most engineering skills at 5 and t2 lasers.
And for what? I used the thing for maybe 3 months doing missions before getting bored.
I then went back and trained the smaller ships, and that’s where I stayed.

Don’t rush for ships you can’t fit, or cant afford to lose. It will only make you quit faster :joy:

(Tipa Riot) #36

Fitting is an art, and I have to admit little to nothing in game helps you to learn it. Start with Frigates and Destroyers (they have less slots), and sample fits form EvE university.

Beside downgrading weapons and tank (T1 and meta items consume less resources than T2), there are also a lot of modules helping you with CPU/power (Co-Processors, Auxiliary Power Cores for example). You will need less of these in the future as your SP accumulates on the relevant skills.

You may join one of the newbie corps to help you getting into all of this. But learning a complex system will need time …

(Terak Romaller) #37

Yeah, I trained for a Paladin - though after the T2 Cruisers and Frigates. Never bought one. Never flown one. Not flown a Legion either - though I could.

A dual rep. Sacrilege is a hoot though…

(Dom Arkaral) #38

Legion was great before the Nerf, 600k ehp bricks that made everyone flee hahaha

I had a nice dual-rep ham fit, I’d have to log in and see if I still have it around

(Nvega) #39

Retribution for the win all the other ships I can fly are just bragging rights

(gnshadowninja) #40

God I would of loved to see your post pre injectors, when learning skills where a thing, before remaps and everything else that was added.

Instead of complaining about ‘passively’ gaining skills why not go farm and earn an injector to reduce that training time? An option alot of us veterans never had.