Getting bored with Eve, hit the SP training wall

Think the title says it all, sick of mining, running storyline missions is killing some of my faction standings, and I am stuck behind a time gate on my skill training before I can get into a decent pew pew ship. Hell I can’t even manufacture T2 ammo without being stuck behind days of training.

When is the next SP giveaway event?

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waaah waaah

Just set your skillqueue

log off

Come back a couple weeks later with fresher ideas to play with

Ive been playing eve like this for 11 years.

Rince repeat, you’re welcome.


Take a T1 frig with T2 mods and PVP?


No way! Days of training? Days?

Well, BIMD (back in my day) - long before you could buy those two days for a couple of Rupees, things were a little different. You spent months just training the skills to train skills faster.

■■■■■■■ millennials :roll_eyes:


Two days my rear end. I am taking several skills to level V which means anywhere from 4 to 30 days each. And since I am not botting in null thats Omega time I am paying for where I am stuck with the same old content.

train 1 skill to 5 extract sell rinse repeat you’ll make around 500mil every 6 - 7 days passive depending on market prices of cause

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I just finished fighters 5 on my carrier pilot. Ugh.

So I just read your post and havent looked at the replies but I’ll bet that others are telling you what im about to. Your situation is self inflicted, you could be doing lots of other things but you have to get out of your current mentality 1st.

The barrier to entry to most things in eve is lower than ever. If you can fly a tech1 frigate you can join casual open groups like spectre fleet and go out pvping right this moment.

If you can fly a tech1 battleship and use meta guns you can be doing incursions and such for better income.

It takes like a 2 weeks of trainimg to be in a useful exploration ship like an astero and off you go to low sec and null to make money. A tech1 cruiser llike a caracal will let you do up to lvl 3 Abyssals.

There is so much do do. But you cant limit yourself to “waiting for sp”.


yeah you dont have room to complain abbout a “time wall” i literally have nothing but lvl 5s to train on every skill, some of those take 2 to 2 1/2 months

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Sadly I consider anything under a month to be a short skill…But as for your situation, expand your boundaries.

The best way to keep EvE fresh is to do different things, even if you think you won’t like them. Explore, Run around in cheap ships and kill stuff (and Die), Try a small gang, Jump in wormholes, Help a new player, Run in Bomber’s Bar, Run an incursion, Run an Invasion, Mine with your corp for a weekend then build a bunch of t1 frigates and have a corp frigate fest, set a goal for this week, then change it for the next. Always set goals, always. For example, many years ago, I set a goal to be a perfectly skilled Raven pilot, yet I flew it everyday for 13 months while I perfected those skills.

You don’t need perfect skills to do something new. The problem is that you are limiting yourself when there really is no limit to what you can do. I see you’re in a small corp - do things with others - EvE gets tiresome alone. Don’t wait for others to find content for you, push yourself to find content for others.

Which is precisely why CCP never wanted to give us a skill que in the first place, they wanted people playing their game, not parked in station skilling. Besides sitting in station may help your skills improve, but won’t develop your in-game skills and won’t make you any iskies to buy things to try with your new skills.


If you choose to boring things the game will be boring.

If you choose to cling to excuses as to why you can’t do something less boring yet, the game will be boring.

Choices --> consequences. Who knew.

Surely Lvl 4 is good enough for most things these days??

How did we ever survive in the early years :roll_eyes:

This isn’t a good reason to not get yourself out there. In fact you’re best off learning how things work in cheap ships and gear.

if you think that wait 5 days is too much consider that the if you just want the marauder to IV to V it is just 40 days
So yeah get to that point and then, maybe, you can complaint about it.

EVE unfortunately is a game you have to think about a month in advance and hope you’re forecast is correct. I’d recommend logging in daily to do the mission for skill points.

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The vast majority of people can’t produce T2 ammo. So stop whining.

There are tons of things to do, you just choose to do boring things and think that you need x ship to have fun.

Pay $$$.
Get Skills.

I think just need to think out of the box a little bit to have some fun.

Go find a low sec gate that gets camped make some book marks and try to grab loot.
Join a corp and try to take everything or take over it.
Use t1 battle cruisers to attack mobile tractors in ice belts or trig sites see if you can get ppl to shoot you.
Train some basic probing skill and go take peoples salvage.


Why do i think you will never do any kind of ship-to-ship pvp?

All you need is a t2 fit t1 frigate, fit 20 of those, go out to lowsec and fight people. No special skills required- In fact you could do it right now with meta4’s