Show how many SP/Hour you are skilling in the Training Queue and Char selection window

HI in EVEMon you can se at what speed you are skilling, I would like the same feature in EVE
Also a indicator as to how close to max/min you are skilling based on your attribute remap. This is important for newer players.

Like I said a small nice feature for life improvment

Also as the speed in the Char selection window

and if its not to much hassle ad the amount of days the chars queue length



I’m sure we can already see the SP training rate ingame. If I recall correctly it’s when you hover a skill in the skill window that you see the training rate for your current attributes.

I don’t think a newbie needs to be told just how low their training rate is when the start playing.

Comparing a newbies training rate with the maximum training rate of rearranged attributes, plugged in +5s and the best cerebral accelerator acrivated (or whatever those things are called) doesn’t sound encouraging to me, nor useful. No support.

Log in to the system take a screen shoot and show me please.

how about instead if keeping new players in the dark we find some way to teach them how to remap and use implants?

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They get accellerators for events and for being a newbie I think, and can see attributes that affect skill training speed when looking at the info of skills, and they can see a button to change those attributes.

Just rightclick and read - a lot of info is available ingame.

They’re not kept in the dark, all this info is available online. And do newbies really need to see ‘your SP rate is only X% of what it could be’? What’s interesting to them is the rate itself and how they can improve it (Omega, attribute rearrangement, etc) and that info is available already ingame.

Quicker to log in and look for yourself, but if you haven’t found it tonight and I remember this I’ll get you a screenshot.

Indeed. They need to be told the benefits of gaining SP passively over the mindless grind of other games and how this passive SP gain benefits them in the midterm and long run. This would help a great deal in dispelling the toxic myth that the SP system in EVE is bad. And they probably need to be show all the things they can do with their current skills as well as means to find out more about all these things.


Agreed! More explanation and info how they can increase the training rate is good.

But I feel putting a number (max SP rate) next to their SP rate to show just how much SP they’re missing out on would give the wrong impression.

Using ‘fear of missing out’ in gaming is despicable in my opinion.

Look your are getting off point, I’ve already checked in EVE there is no such information otherwise I would not have posted this thread. So the main question is should you be able to see how may SP you are getting a hour or do you need to bring up the calculator and google how to count it.

It’s there already.

If I recall correctly: go to your skill tab, hover the skill you want to train and you get a SP per minute rate. Something like ‘32.5 SP per minute’. Or 45 if you’re training a skill with good attributes and implants at 2700 per hour.

Yes it’s in SP per minute ingame and you may have to get a calculator to get SP per hour, SP per day or SP per month rates.

Technically there is this information. It’s just not as well presented as in EVEMon.


Thanks Zhalyd, that’s what I’m talking about.

It gives you a clear SP per minute rate. If you want to get an SP per hour rate multiply by 60.

can you explain the steps I can’t figure this one out

Oh LOL I got it, played eve since 2008 never seen this.

So you have to add the skill to the Queue and then you have to hover over the skill in the above window to se how fast it is skilling and it only shows you how fast skills are skilling that are added to the queue.

That was not obvious, at least not for me.

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I actually expected the tooltip with the training rate on the skill in the queue, too, and hovered my mouse there first. Since that did not work I had to find the skill in the skill list and look at the tooltip there. Finding the skill was not convenient either because there is no right click option “Find in Skill List”. There are still lots of ways to improve this and other features of the skilling system.

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geezes why do my threads always go totally of topic.
Look if you have to hide “features” from new players to keep them playing then CCP has to access if that feature is good or bad. They removed learning skills it the past hopefully they remove attribute and learning implants. But this ■■■■ has probably been debated to ■■■■ in other threads.

Ugh… a ‘maximum SP rate number’ is not a gameplay feature to introduce to new players. It’s just a number any interested player can find or calculate themselves.

Why should players be introduced with all the things they do not have on their first day? Seems like an incredibly discouraging way to introduce the game to people.

Try focusing on telling new players the things they do have instead of the things they don’t have.


Again I don’t know how to make this clear enough but CCP is responsible for how to make good tutorials. Again if you need to hide game features from new players then you should create a thread debating weather if this feature should exist or not.

Max SP rate is not the kind of information for a tutorial.

It’s like max DPS, max ISK per hour, highest warp speed or any of those numbers, none of them are of any practical use for a newbie. The tutorial could use improvements, but this is not one of them.

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Geezes are you for real? I never said that the tutorial had to include information about max SP or max damage. But now that you mention it. That sounds like a fantastic idea. CCP tutorial where CCP can show a player how to buy Plex so the can buy skilinijectors and inject cyb V and buy +5 implant’s


here you did :

Read this

and then this: