Potential skillpoint/implant bug ... turns out to be false, just EVEMon bug

(Cassiel Seraphim) #1

Update: This turned out not to be an error ingame but purely a big in EVEMon.

I just paused my skillqueue and will check it again an hour to double-check it’s working as intended. Why?

a) EVEMon is reporting erroneous implants and lower SP/hour than I should have.
b) Remaining time on skills seem off.

Upon further examination, it seems EVEMon isn’t accounting for 4 out of my 5 attribute implants, it gets my Charisma +5 right, but doesn’t list the +5 from any of the other 4. The SP/hour dropped to 2550 SP/hour instead of 2700 SP/hour.

The new estimated time based on 2550 SP/hour matches the ingame time left, which is the worrying part, as that indicates EVEMon is right that something is broken ingame.

Please CCP, take a look at that. If the hour worth training shows proof that it’s broken, I’ll file a proper bug report.

Everyone else, I suggest you check for yourself as well and report it ASAP.

(Cassiel Seraphim) #2

No bug, false alarm!

I just paused my skillqueue after 1 hour (give or take an hour) and my skillpoints went from 2,692,422 to 2,695,144 skillpoints for my current skill in training.

So sorry for potentially causing a panic, I trained +2,722 SP from 12:57 to 13:58, so I’m sure it’s just a bug in EVEMon :slight_smile: