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Has anyone else had an issue with the incorrect time to train a skill being displayed in the skill window? For example I am training the Launcher Rigging skill and currently have up to level three in the skill queue. However, the skill window displays that it will only take 1h 38m to train level 4. This is despite the fact that the time required to train Level 3 is displayed in the skill queue as 9h. An image is included below:

This persists through opening and closing the character screen, switching the skill tab, and exiting and reentering the game. I have also seen this on another character. I have submitted a bug report for this: EBR-140534

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(Kotoko Narusawa) #2

I’m having the same issue across multiple accounts. It just displays the full initial training time of the lowest level of that skill in queue. IE if you put in say EM Shield Compensation 4 brand new and it takes 1d 10h 30min, that is what the queue will display until the skill finishes training. So the skill window will tell you it will take 1d 10h 30min to train (the initial training time), the queue will tell you what your remaining time on EM 4, and EM 5 in the queue will display the correct 8d 3h 8min. So it looks like the skill window seems to not be updating timers from the skill queue.

(Anjyl Took) #3

It does not display this. It displays that it will take 1h 38m to train to level 2, which is the same thing the skill queue shows. CCP changed it to show how long to the next level you don’t have, instead of how long to the next level not already in the training queue. This appears to be by design by CCP.

Personally I think it’s a really bad design. Also it has already been raised in the patch feedback threads.

Edit: sorry for the kind of necroing this. P.S. the forum design where it gives you old threads at the bottom of a thread is really bad and kind of encourages necroing posts.

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Well that’s a horrible design change. Now I have to add skills to the skill queue to see how long it will take to train them instead of just looking at the skills in the skill list. Anyway, thanks for the information.

(Anjyl Took) #5

I agree. Everyone is complaining about the chat icons, but I think this is a much worse design choice on CCP’s part.

(Damilaska Ichinumi) #6

Agree! Fix it plz.

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