Minutes missing from character sheet

How do you see how many minutes are left on the current skill you are training without logging out and looking at the log in screen?
The new character sheet “rounds” this number to the nearest hour and is different from the log in screen.
This used to be very clear on the old character sheet.
It’s not like there isn’t room for it on the new one.


Welcome to the new and “improved” UI design. We shall see more of these great improvements in the future.

20d 21h 41m… thats how much time is left on a current skill i have training. Without logging out i can see this.

Lol you’re clearly just complaining over personnel taste. The current ui is just as functional as the old one you just don’t like change

The current UI is decidedly not as functional as the previous Skill Queue or Skill List. It displays fewer skills in the skill list at a glance than before. The skill queue cuts off skill names to unregonizability. The times in the queue are more confusing because of unnecessary time increment changes. The time display between the queue and the skill list is inconsistent. The sorting of the skill categories with the alphabetical sorting rips skill categories apart that belong close together. The new window is bigger even in the smallest possible window size and shows less than the old skill window.

And I don’t care at all whatsoever in no way absolutely not about the skill plans. This is only and exclusively about the skill catalogue.

Just for the sake of it: Here’s a better new skill window that wastes less space, requires less scrolling, can be made smaller than the current window without losing functionality and clarity.


I figured most people would pick up on the irony of what I said considering I mentioned there being no change in functionality in a thread taking about a function that had been lost lol.

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Apologies, I’m really bad at detecting irony lately. That’s because so many people like bad change without even questioning if a better way could be had.

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the function is there, its just… moved.

Put my gearshift in the back seat. The basic function is still there but the functionality of the vehicle is diminished.


good point… but the full time of the skill is now located at the blue + icon in a skill info window.

So again just a less functional replacement needlessly changed

My log-In screen says I have 1 day 8 hours and 45min left on the skill.
In game my character sheet says 1 day 9 hours.
Can you see how confused I was when I shot a rat giving me 2500 skill points and I thought it added an hour to my skill time.
I was like when I logged in it said I had 8 hours left…not 9.
There is a discrepancy between the log-in screen and the actual character sheet.

character sheet is rounded up yes, but if you look under skill info, and look at the blue + you’ll see the actual training time for the skill, but it only works for the skill currently training, if you do that for any other skill, it will show the true amount of time it takes to train it.

CCP has a long history of losing functionality with every UI element they touch. It’s like the newer Devs just lack capability, creativity and standards.

At this point I can’t even get worked up over it anymore and just expect and accept it. I suggest you do the same as it’s not going to get better, not worth getting annoyed over.

it sucks for sure, but thats why when ccp released everyone that was saying, oh this was removed, that was removed, i went through and found where most of the info was moved to… not that i agree with it, not the least, it is clunky compared to the original…

but i also see it as a way for teaching new people how to find information themselves. not the best way though.

Its right there, just hover your mouse over the blue bar, did nobody on the internet show you how tooltips work?

is that with more than one skill in the plan?

Yes, thats just the information for the currently training skill

ok, so its technically in two places still. one place where it’s always been, where you pointed it out, and where i pointed it out as well…

idk why i forgot about the one you mentioned.

Minutes… How many exactly?
And how many nanoseconds is it off by? Let’s be accurate now.