Neural Remap window giving info on training time

When EVEmon worked properly and without ESI install issues we could import our character there, create a skill queue and from there toy with the attribute settings to see how it would affect the total training time, even with an “optimal” button. Took a bit of work but it was easy to do.

Why can’t we have something similar in game? Why can’t the remap window not show “current total training time” and “new total training time with suggested attributes” information, perhaps even with an “optimal” button? That would make it a lot easier for newer players and players who don’t work with EVEmon to figure out what their attribs should be. As it stands they have no idea whatsoever.

It seems like such an obvious and logical addition to me.

Honestly, any third party app considered legit by CCP should be copied by CCP ( and improved where needed ) and implemented ingame, thus requiring less third party apps and the potential problems that can come with them.

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