SP to Unallocated Pool if Training Stops

I don’t think you quite grasp Malcanis’ Law.

The removal of learning skills and the refunding of SP is one of the few things that violates the law. It helps new players in that they do not need to train a suite of boring ass skills, and the older players were made indifferent or better off by getting the SP refunded. The benefit to the older players was a one time thing whereas for all new players they all do not have to go through that pain of training a boring skill.


The newbie also get the benefit of not having to know about it like it was for the learning skills back then. How many clueless newbie lost out on SP because they didn’t know the optimal move was to train that first?

Solution in need of a problem. You can set months, or even years worth of skills in your queue. If you can’t be bothered to log in once a year to update your skill queue then sorry, that’s your failure. This isn’t like the old days when you’d have skills finish in the middle of the night and have to choose between setting an alarm to wake up and start the next skill or lose SP until you could log in at a more convenient time.

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