Skill Queue Issue - Reimbursement Complete!

(guigui lechat) #21

your insults are only showing you need to hire someone to teach you manners.

(Ostish Nailery) #22

I didnt get anything? Was it becouse I restarded my queue myself after a few hours? :thinking:

(Thorian Amadarr) #23

CCP, I didnt get anyhting on my 3 accounts. Are you gonna look at these or should i put a ticket for it?

(Cassiel Seraphim) #24

You should file a support ticket, as per CCP Falcon’s original post:

(Dominous Nolen) #25

3 Accounts, nothing issued. Oh well

(May'n Nome) #26

Did that just a bit ago as I only had one character affected but was not reimbursed.

(Aedaxus) #28

Thanks ! I got nothing but I didn’t loose anything either as I was online during “the troubles”. :slight_smile:

(Jaiden Solo) #29

4 accounts. No reimbursement on any of them.


(Linus Gorp) #30

Here nothing either. Plenty of accounts and from the looks of it no reimbursement anywhere. But I also don’t particularly care about a few hours of SP…

(Harry Forever) #31

2 accounts, 3 characters in training… got nothing

looking at the comments, it does not look like this reimbursement worked

(Hauke Martensen) #32

Manually restarted my 5 trainingqueues on 3 accounts (several times iirc), still lost quite a few hours of training and was not reimbursed.

Tbh I was wondering how CCP would manage to find the affected characters with a reasonable margin of error when I heard that only affected accounts would be reimbursed, because I expected that kind of information to be really hard to extract from the logs.

I appreciate the attempt to offer fair compensation by CCP and I don’t care about my loss of SP sufficiently to even file tickets (didn’t make notes on how long the queues were paused anyway). But judging by the tone of some replies both here and on reddit, it would probably have been better had there just been a blanket reimbursement for all characters with active training queues at that time, no matter whether they were affected or not.

Sometimes PR is more important than fairness and I suspect that this time was one of those… :wink:

(Winkin) #33

3 our of 7 characters reimbursed with just over 4000 sp. I know for a fact that they were paused for longer than 1.4 hours CCP!!


Actually, no. I haven’t received it. Nor did some others who’s training had stopped. So what now?

(Rain6637) #35

Thanks bud. I was afk and couldn’t calculate it. The response from Falcon was interesting.

(Rain6637) #36

If I wasn’t used to this I would be disappointed

(Eighth Mayer) #37

How about if I pay you guys 10% less for my subs then? Seriously, do you really want to demonstrate disrespect to your customers in such penny-wise manner?

Stop your fail combo please. I don’t want to leave New Eden but due to recent events this idea visit me again and again.

(Tu Ko) #38

Absolutely Hilarious

two accounts only one received anything and that was 5440sp which is about hour and half. I lost 4 hours on both accounts (I’m not even taking the second pause that happened an hour after the first time into account) . Its even funnier cause a few white knights on reddit used the idea that you would fix this as a example of how ccp was taking responsibility for their screw ups.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #39

should but I can’t be arsed to deal with support over a few hours missing training. All my accounts got stopped, I saw a tweet and caught it and manually restarted training pretty quickly. Figured I’d get a bit of SP but nothing major from this.

(Algarion Getz) #40

I got SP on 2 chars, but my skill queue was stopped on 3 chars …
Your reimbursement script doesnt seem to be very accurate.

(Sophos Mileghere) #41

Not completed successfully, 3 accounts all paused, only 1 gets reimbursed. Its a joke you got this wrong in the first place however to not even be able to put it right is a far worse CCP