Skillpoints Expire?

Got a mail today.


As usual, it’s not very clear what they are saying. Are they talking about in my redeeming queue? Are they referring to the million+ I haven’t yet got around to applying to that character?

I don’t have any unclaimed SP in my redeem items.

It would be good to get a clarification on what exactly they are saying with this mail.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I literally came here for the first time in ages to post about the same thing.
Just got the same mail, I also don’t have any SP in my redeeming queue. I do have about 9 million unallocated.
In game I can’t see anything about an expiry of those, I’ve skimmed dev blogs and patch notes and searched for forums but can’t see any mention of a change to make unallocated points start expiring.

Very keen to know what is going on as I don’t want to risk losing the 9 million if that is what it is talking about!

For me its 50000 have from login rewards sitting on my redeeming queue wanting on an alt reaching 5m.

Yes, I got the same E-Mail and it doesn’t say what skill points expire or when? There is a link to Eve Pulse, a 2 minute video on YOutube but that link doesn’t even say which skill points or when they expire or why?

This is idiotic.

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Where does it show when they expire?

It is the chaos era. It could happen at any time!

(My guess is that you need to have a killmail that is less than 90 days old, or you lose all your unallocated skillpoints. Just a theory.)


In the redeem items pull up on the logon screen

I don’t have any in my redeemable items and haven’t for quite some time yet I got this email. So I’m not sure that is what the email is referring to.

Im assuming thats what its for on the email account I received, as all my other ones are assigned and I dont think I have got any for them.

It could be them pulling a shady (as they have plenty of times in the past) trying to scare people into upgrading to omega so they don’t lose their saved up SP.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I only have one character on one account and that is omega, so doesn’t look like it is a non-omega thing.

Same, mine are Omega. I think I just finished with EVE. This is ■■■■■■■■ to tell people their skill points are expiring with no other information. It’s like saying ‘be sure to login before you get podded’. Whatever. I’m going too post my characters on the for sale forum and I am done with this.

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You cannot quit until you have finished your trig-standing grind.

I’ll bet this guy is nervous about his unallocated skillpoints.

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I wondered about that, too. Especially, since I only got the mail for a trash account that didn’t even have unclaimed skill points while other accounts already had unclaimed SP from the dailies. I wonder what this was about, besides typical #CCPQualityCoding.

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Got the same email, and naturally there are no mystery SP on my account, anywhere. Just my unallocated ones.

Hopefully they don’t disappear like providence’s belt ores.

Conspiracy Theory:

CCP need to show big login numbers to their bosses at PA. So, that create a hoax email, send it out and within hours every char ever created logs in to check for SP. Player login skyrockets to over 100K.

CCP all high 5 each other, login numbers never looked better.


Good question btw. I’d like some CCP staff to explain this. I got the same email message and I don’t have any uclaimed SP, but I have plenty of unallocated SP.

Confirmation pending: the email is referred to the unclaimed SP or to the unallocated SP?

@CCP_Dopamine, @CCP_Aurora

In the case of that conspiracy theory, why not give everyone 5,000 SP that expire in a week? People would login and nobody would be unhappy with the free SP or confused by the email.

I agree, a lot of people i have spoken to are confused and wondering if their ‘Unallocated’ SP is at risk.

Lets hope CCP clarifies quickly.

Better check their Twitter feed. Or Reddit.