Why you lying

It’s very important to note here that this means all the skillpoints available to buy on the market in EVE will have originated on other characters where they were trained at the normal rate. Player driven economies are key to EVE design and we want you to decide the value of traded skillpoints while we make sure there is one single mechanism that brings new skillpoints in to the system – training.

Source: https://www.eveonline.com/article/skill-trading-in-new-eden

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Yeah, I fear this was a train light while you’re standing on the tracks type of thing. Once the scent of money is in the air, almost anything goes.


Why am I on this slope and why is it so slippery…?:thinking:



Has SP gone from being unimportant to being the only thing that means anything in this game?


This again.


You have to consider all the banned SP from the literally thousands of banned accounts each year. They’re banning thousands of accounts each year, all with SP in them. There’s tons of SP being removed, and when CCP brings that SP back it’s all fair and balanced, because someone trained for these banned SP. It’s all just ■■■■■■■ accounting.

BUT, of course, you can stick with your idea that they’re spawning SP out of thin air, because that’s such a great thing to jump on to be angry about CCP. Yeah! Great! Let’s not try thinking about this rationally! No! Why would we, right?!

Even if they didn’t counter-balance the SP they’re selling with all the banned SP …
it wouldn’t ■■■■■■■ matter
… because there is no SP-inflation.

It’s not a real thing and no one needs to care.
I don’t even think people know or understand why they’re angry about this non-issue!


Now, can we please make people stop repeating this thoughtless nonsense over and over again?


It’s not a slope. It’s Salami tactics. Before you know, your wallet has been invaded, molested. I remember a time when CCP said all SP in SP Trading would come from actual training. Those were the days everyone told them this would not hold for long, and right these people were indeed. :joy: You have to resort to mind acrobatics á la Solecist to reason within CCP logic. Some people sure are good at that.

The funny thing about this offer is that you are being ripped off. 1.62M SP is less SP than you can gain with a unimplanted character in 3 month (I am currently training with 1650 SP/h, which translates into 3.56M SP in 3 months) but you pay for 3 months worth of game time. :joy:


Well, that would be logical, yes…but…we are talking about ccp after all…and money is involved also… Do we know where the SP is coming from?

Oh well…in the end it’s their game.

It does not matter.
It’s just an accounting thing.
It’s numbers.

There is no issue beyond the one people are creating out of nothing.

Tell me … what is the problem you’re having with this?

I am rather dimwitted and ignorant to the fact of it than capable of your mind acrobatics. Seriously, these tricks must cause you to suffer from continuous migraine. Thanks, I can live without that suffering.

It was linked in the first post. Do your mind tricks to reason within CCP logic blind you to the simple written word?

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Well then … please, instead of talking out of your ass …
… I suggest you try explaining those acrobatics.

Not only that, please also explain the actual problem you, or others, are having with CCP selling SP. :slight_smile:

So far not one person managed to do that.
All I’ve ever gotten was “it’s bad”.

I’ll wait.

It is written in the first post of the topic. Had CCP never said that

It’s very important to note here that this means all the skillpoints available to buy on the market in EVE will have originated on other characters where they were trained at the normal rate.

or released a later post that they would in fact resell SP from banned characters (which would prove your point, but since they have not done that you are talking out of your bottom) that’s the issue with CCP. Continuous lying paired with screwing up everything they touch or even think about. :slight_smile:

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ccp said they would never sell SP directly, now they are. People are bothered.


IF the skill points are recycled from banned characters, I can see this being a valid method of CCP to make money. A bit overpriced perhaps, but still.

Are they targeting this at new players (Alpha Clone use only), or all players, because wouldn’t MCT be cheaper?

edit: looking at the store, why on earth would anyone pay $20 for 30 days MCT when creating a new account and paying for Omega would only cost $15? Is CCP that desperate for “total number of paying accounts”?

I thought without implants the SP per hour was about 2250 when attributes are set correctly to skills being trained.

I will have to put my stopwatch on it again to be sure now.

Wasn’t it 2700?

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Well the last time I put a stopwatch on it, it was 2700 with the two improved implants if farming.

Yeah, 2700/hour with +5 implants and attributes set accurately.


Have you tried just calculating it?
You get the values per skills in tooltips …

I had used modapts in a past life and also followed the watch.

I took that figure from EVEMon. Yes, it is a very low figure because I train something I am not mapped for. But even with that figure I out-train this rip-off offer.


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