WTS Your perfect dream character!

Have you always wanted to buy a new perfect alt or even a new main character? The toons sold on the Bazaar have never satisfied your needs? Always came with a battle scarred killboard or an employment history which made your mousewheel burn? Rejoice and look no further: Your dream toon is here.

I am hereby presenting myself: Ke anor. I am beautiful, clean and pure. More potent than any character you’ve seen before - the highlight of this sale: 120,1m unallocated SP. Readily fulfilling any kink you’ve ever wanted to inject. A perfect frigate FW pilot who can BLOPS and Rorqual mine? A Titan sitter which can fly edencom ships and T3Cs only? A perfect industry toon with all Interdictors and Command Ships skilled? The possibilities are endless, let your imagination flow.

Currently i am conveniently located in Highsec, got a positive wallet with no kill rights on my head. No jump clones.

Please let me know what my unique starting platform for your new journey in New Eden is worth to you.

Yours truly,
Ke anor

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How much are you looking to get for this?

How is that even possible? 120m unallocated SP?

Injectors. It is a brand newish account

Oh, right.

Not sure how it works if you do all the injectors at once, but if it doesn’t take into account the skill points lost the higher it gets, it’d be 240 skill injectors, or 170bil isk at what it is going for now(710mil per)

i would offer 75b

It used to work that way. However nowadays, the unallocated SP counts towards your “actual” SP when injecting. How many Injectors would one need this way?

@Arcanier im looking for bids =)

@Civran_Ortemus thanks for your first bid :slight_smile:

I’ll up it to 76b

80b next up

So does this math when someone injects all at once with the penalties check out?:

(5000000 / 500000) + (45000000 / 400000) + (30000000 / 300000) + (40000000 / 150000) = 489?

This would be 340ish billions (700 each)? Holy cow ur crazy dude

Thanks for the offer =)

@Money_Money_Mooney well thanks for calculating. Gives me a new level of self-esteem :stuck_out_tongue:.

Bump =)

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82b next up

95B offer

You’re forgetting you can buy SP from CCP with your credit card that goes straight to unallocated with no diminishing returns. I’m too lazy to calculate it out. But they could have just as easily credit card warrior’d it

There is no method for just buying huge amounts of skill points directly from CCP.

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95B okay?!

Thanks for your offers so far, fine people :slight_smile: If there are any questions, let me know. I would include a resculpture certificate to enable the final buyer to truely shape the character to his own likings, however from the rules it seems like one is not allowed to include items. Might deduct the value of that from the final accepted offer - :+1:.

95B sell me right?