WTS Your perfect dream character!

Hey @anzi_wuergong,
@Rhonin_Catman has already offered 95B.

96B :slight_smile:

1.5m skillpoints package

You can buy that once per account.

This is correct. This account can still buy the package. I am not sure if this will persist after a character transfer, tho.

Bump :slight_smile:

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Bumpey :slight_smile:

up to the top =)

If anyone got questions, please let me know :slight_smile:

How much you want?

Hey C4rlit0,

Shoot me your best offer, what you’re ready to pay for your dream character. Ingame Mail will do. If I think it’s a good and honest bid you’ll get my good and honest opinion about the worth back.

97b I can offer

A polite, thanks for the offer back. - I wish you good luck finding your dream character for 97b - this one won’t be the one.

Kind regards.


Bumi :stuck_out_tongue:
any people with any questions? ingame mails are open <3

100b I?

110b ISK offer

I’m very excited to see the triple digit barrier finally broken. :smiley:

I am guessing that was a no to my offer then?

Yes - 110b is a nice offer but i dont feel like it mirrors the value of this character.