⭐ [WTB] WH Leshaks ,Armor bonus and Nestor Char

Buying your character, i am paying “more then Estimated Extraction”
Link your character here: https://eveskillboard.com

Prospective sellers acknowledge and agree to all CCP terms ( Welcome to the Character Bazaar ) regarding character sales.

What you pay for 5m SP alphas

Buying your character, i am paying “Estimated Extraction” that show https://eveskillboard.com

So nothing for 5m characters. Nothing is a shorter type than that but no worries


Price tag check

5,2 b

53b isk


I am waiting confirmation from another player. Ill give it another few hours, you still interested?

yes, but the offer is now 52.5 b , because of price fall, i am offline for today.


26.856.000.000 is your character price, at current eve prices

daily bump


72.600.000.000 offer


155.500.000.000 offer

How did you work that out? the standard extraction value is
((Total SP - 5 000 000)/500 000) * (Skill Injector price - Skill Extractor price)

So that would be nearer 80Bill

i am calculating at buy prices and you forget the taxes…