WTS 56M char

Isk Positive wallet
Age: 2016
SP: 56,590,754 Skill Points
Located: Otalieto
No Kills Rights
Security Status: -1
2 Bonus Revamps available
Positive ISK Balance

50B b/o ?

Can you declare the other stuff as required by Welcome to the Character Bazaar ?

Thanks in advance

39b offer

Accepted 39.5 from other buyer in bazaar


You will profit 40 bil to extract and sell the extractors by the way… save yourself the $20 transfer fee if your going to sell under that.

Well… he can’t if he extracts a stolen char it would get banned before he is even finished :stuck_out_tongue:

not really vcause of taxes, already thought about that. and for @Legit_Salesgirl i’m sorry for you but no one got scammed or stolen char… but i know that it’s always preferred to think the worst thing nowdays

funny how last time someone argued like that it turned out otherwise only time will tell :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: you literally “profit” 40b even after taxes cough.

103 Extractors;
314,800,000 per extractor=32.424.400.000
Large Injector Sell orders mins: 721,900,000
Buy Order Mins: 674,800,000
Let’s Say 700mil=

This is what i calculated. And i left taxes and commissions… probably with contacts, skills and some work is achievable 40b; but i’m not a trader and i’m not expert in that
sure that time will, just answering to your charges on me. Anyway feel free to think what you prefer, just i don’t like people who start to accuse other persons that easy

I find it funny how scammers always defend so hard for no reason just another indicator something is off kek.

Perfect example here…

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