WTB Extracted Characters


i am looking for extracted characters with 5-5.5m sp.

I dont care about the name or security status.

I am willing to pay 3.2b per.

Let me know if you have something to offer.

Best regards

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Heya here,

I have one extracted char (5.2m sp rdy )

I wait your mp tyvm o7

ill take him, i sent isk and account if you agree to 3.2b

i sent isk and account info per mail to y717 once the server is back up.
also can you reply with the character you are selling here real quick that i know its your char?

Sure :slight_smile:
If only ccp wants to allow us access to his server …

ISK and account info sent.

Still looking for more

Transfert done.

:man_farmer: :woman_farmer: :syringe: :moneybag:


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