WTS Your perfect dream character!


Just want to ask you one simple question.

I assume you are ok with the fact that you are not going to get the amount of isk you put into the char. If you are lucky maybe half that.

You need to put down a buyout price so people can look at it and consider if it is worth thier time to actually make an offer or say… “Yes I want that.”

Well, getting offers from people who flip characters are obvious low balls (to me). If the “re-creational” value of this character would be 340b then i am not expecting to sell this character for that amount. But i think its worth should be well within the two-hundred billion range. This character is a one of its kind. If buyers want to buy, say something common, a subcap pilot, there are plenty of characters already available - which will yield them more SP for their buck. I see a potential buyer as someone who wants something specific he has not seen before - paired with premium features such as clean kill board and corp history. If someone is seriously interested in buying this - and not flipping it - always just DM me and we can discuss.

lets try it again :slight_smile:

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No need for a perfect new clean main/alt? =)

Replied ingame mails.


190m ingame offer received - (and not accepted by me)

Wonder if 120m SP is too few?

DM or ingame-mail me your desired skills and i’ll calculate if I can make that injecting dream come true.

Correction to that previous post:
It was of course a 190b ingame offer.

wish you luck with your sale man, you are looking for an incredibly specific kind of buyer.

this sale could potentially take a few years to get the price you are looking for.

this sale could potentially take a few years to get the price you are looking for.

i know. but this also implies that the character is actually worth what i am asking - which i think is the case. At this point in time i dont see why i should “quicksell” it for anything less. If you are interested in the Char, give me your best offer and i might re-consider. ingame mails are open for secrecy, if wanted.

kind regards


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Let me know if you consider buying this character.

Current highest bid 190b.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me.


if you’re interested in this char, let me know :slight_smile: