WTB PVP Focused Character

Looking for something quite high SP.

Mainly subcap focused.
Needs to be able to fly ALL subcaps well.

Be warned if you post something poorly optimised I will ridicule it before I make an offer, if I’m interested at all.

Dread skills are a cool bonus to have, just no wasted SP (eg titan skills or indy shite) if it has this then the wasted SP will only be priced at extraction value. I will give a breakdown of my offer in an evemail if this is the case

Post em if you gottem or Eve mail me that’s cool too.

This might be something for you. Doesn’t get more focused than this.

Reading your thread you’re wanting far more than the SP is worth for it being unallocated. Good luck with it but I’m not paying 1.5b/1m SP buddy.

Bump it up

ill sell cheap if you buy today
this is best pvp toon youll find :)))

perfect dread pilot
has 10b skins on the charcter
2implants sets worth 1b

You clearly didn’t read my original post.

Stop trying to buy characters in my thread, thank you. Make your own.
Please delete your posts and move to a separate sales thread

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Stop. Selling. Your. Character. In. My. Thread. I said I wasn’t interested. Make your own thread you ■■■■■■■ idiot.



90b is my offer as you rejected my initial one I sent in game.

100b now and char is yours.

Keep dreaming buddy, I won’t go 1 ISK above 90b.



Bump up


I sell my main pers, perhaps you will be interested in

Been afk. Bump