The poison that has been soaked in my Eve Online for many years

Hello. On the advice of the game master, I am asking for help here. 2013-06-06 I wrote to the support service about the unfair sharing of the skills of the “battlecruisers” and was refused. In short, I really liked the class of battlecruisers, and I planned to fully study it. But I just did not read the news about the division of skills into empires. Although the skill of the “linear cruisers” itself was already studied up to the fifth level, after the separation I got only the fifth level of Caldari and Minmatar. My only fault is that I put the skills in line in the wrong way. I think this is very unfair. Six years have passed, and at the moment everything is exactly as I expected - the game is very interesting for me to this day, but when I see that I need to spend about 40 days studying the linear cruisers Gallente and Amarra, I get very It’s a shame and any desire to continue playing disappears. I ask you to restore justice and return to me my fifth levels of the skill “battlecruisers” Amarr and Gallente. Thank you.

There are skill injectors now, learning the skills is a matter of minutes.

I agree, it’s not even their cost. The point is justice. Yesterday you had to learn the skills a day before your goal, and today you need 40 days to do this. This is all because I did not read the news on time.

What do you mean by “on advice of the Game Master”? I highly doubt a GM would tell you to come and seek for help here, as we are just players and we don’t have access to EVE’s codebase nor the database to change anything.

I agree with you, you should have got all 4 cruiser skills to 5, or none at all.

Any time CCP makes a change to the game, there will be winners and losers - those who read the dev blogs and patch notes have a better chance of ending up in the winner column. If they published information regarding the change - they met their due diligence requirement and owe you nothing. That said, they’re giving away over a million SP in the current event - are you taking advantage of it?

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Unfortunately, I can not publish correspondence with the administration of the game. I can only say that GM Telarusch answered my appeal.

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Just do up the Skilling Spree, should be able to get those SP’s in very short time.

You know you don’t need them at 5 to fly BC’s? If you have them at 3 it’s practically fine, there isn’t that much of a difference, and that only takes about a day.

dude you own eveonline? we need to talk.

It’s been six years. The decision was made to split these into racial lines, and regardless of the reasoning, that’s the status quo. There is zero chance this change gets rolled back and this point and most people who are active now can barely remember a time when it wasn’t this way.

Pick a different windmill to tilt at.

Many thanks to all for the advice and understanding.

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Didnt you get bc at 5 for all 4 races if your skill was at 5 before the change, or am I going senile?

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02-07-2013 Dev Blog

Destroyers and Battlecruisers, please fill your reimbursement form

That was for the easy part. As mentioned above, since we are splitting Destroyers and Battlecruisers skills in four, we need to make sure we reimburse those properly to follow the motto of “if you could fly it before, you can fly it now” that we have been stating for quite a while now.

To understand how we are going to proceed, it’s wiser to have a look at current ship requirement themselves.

At the moment on Tranquility, the Prophecy requires two skills to fly: Amarr Cruiser 3 and Battlecruiser 1. Thus, if you have these two skills when the change happens, we will give you Amarr Battlecruiser 1. Simple so far.

The trick is to remember that the Prophecy bonuses are based on the Battlecruiser skill. Thus, if you want to maximize the reimbursement, training Amarr Cruiser past 3 will do you little good. Aim for Battlecruisers 5 instead, as you will then get Amarr Battlecruiser 5.

It is noteworthy to point out that if you don’t have a racial Cruiser at 3, then you won’t receive the corresponding racial Battlecruiser skill. It is thus worthwhile to train all Racial Cruiser skill at 3, then focus on maximizing Battlecruisers before the reimbursement happens.

Since we are also in the process of removing tiers, the Oracle, Naga, Talos and Tornado skill requirements will be dropped from 3 to 1, so you don’t even need to go past Battlecruisers 1 if you wish to fly them after the reimbursement.

Still following? Good, now applies everything we have said before to Destroyers, you just need to replace racial Cruiser with racial Frigate instead.

Sealing the deal

All of this will happen for the Summer 2013 expansion. That’s a lot to take on, which is why we wanted to give you as much of an advance notice as possible so you can react accordingly.


Oh good I’m not going crazy then. Also, that means this is a nonissue, and you should have just read the devblogs.

I did not have the required skill level of the destroyers.

I saw this news too late. Just played and did not read the news. My English is not very good, and timely news in my language is almost impossible to find.

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I calculated the cost of your method. I will need to spend about 13.3 billion. This is just an incredibly huge amount.


Coz you know…

Vedmak is sexy as hell.

I am only talking about the skills of the battle cruisers Amarr and Galente. I just want justice. I like the game and everything that is in it, but the thought that I was magically added about 40 days of study really upsets me. The game itself has already become associated with something sad for me.

they gave like 6 months notice that’s enough to train all cruiser 3 and bc 5 . it was on the login screen you can’t miss it …
is this really about 6 years ago ??

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