Fitting skills need to go

Yea, yea, magic 14 would not be magic anymore…

I recently started a new alt for FW, I did not realize how frustrating not having CPU and PG management trained is. Also including Weapon Upgrades and Advanced Weapon Upgrades…

That is 66 days of training, 66 days of trying to figure out which fits I can actually use. We have enough skills in the game to block some equipment and that is fine. But it’s clear feedback, can’t use TP due to lack of skills, train this and this and off you go. Can’t use scram, train this and this and off you go…

Don’t have enough fitting, well, maybe you need ADV weapons on III, maybe on IV, maybe on V, who knows…

Does CCP really thing that this time sink is worth for the game? For players not in good corps where they have low skill fits it’s even worse figuring all of this out on their own if they are new players. Getting new people in this game should be priority and fitting skills are at least 2 months waiting and not being able to train for something that you would see more progress.

Getting that cruiser trained is rewarding, getting that medium guns trained is rewarding and takes few days… Spending 2 months to be able to use normal fits and to be able to stop tinkering on most fits trying to figure out what you can do while you are learning the game… not cool…

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Ideally, frigs and destroyers wouldn’t need fitting skills unless you were running t2 equip. I

I have to disagree on getting rid of fitting skills all together, since it can be satisfying to get that skill and be able to fit something you weren’t able to before. That said, the basic hulls could probably be tuned a bit to make the basic fits easier.

Also an viable option

It’s very easy to know, that’s what Pyfa is for.

I think the priority should be to make the game as bug-free as possible and better integrate Photon UI in the existing framework of the game.
Make it good and they will come.

It’s existed since the beginning of the game. It isn’t a problem for new players.
The problems are: low-level loot in PvE and uninteresting/cheap ore which makes for boring mining.

There’s things to be done while waiting for skills. I’m about to train into the Prospect which will take basically a month. I have a month to figure out where and what I should mine and I’m trained for other ships so the wait isn’t an issue ( unless you need the ship NOW and there’s injectors for that )
Fitting skills don’t need to go.


Not even sure why I engage with this comment, but here we go…

You mean, it’s easy to know:
a) Because PyFA is CCP product that is bundled with the game and can be easily started?
a1) Because new players even know about pyfa
b) Because new players even know which skills are blocking them to get the fitting to work?
c) Because PyFA can easily pull your skills and your fit into it?
d) Because PyFA can easily create skill plan for you and put it in game?
e) Because new players have the knowledge to edit fits they found in corp / alliance / online and know what to replace in order to make fit still work when just downgrading modules still doesn’t fit?
f) Because all of the above is super easy and super clear to new players?


Things don’t need to be super easy: this is an mmo where you play, learn and improve over time.

What you’re doing is the equivalent of a newbie WOW player, level 20-30, demanding that he should be able to do end game raids and that the mechanics and overall knowledge and experience requirements of those raids should match his very limited understanding and effort level.

Learning about and installing Pyfa is no different from learning about and installing mod managers for games and other MMO. If you feel that’s too much of an issue that’s a you problem and you should probably stick to a Nintendo Switch.


Imo op has a point but might be less controversial with a toggle or something in the fitting tool to have it account for skill plans. This way you can make a plan with the fitting skills at 3,4,5 or whatever, and see what you got to work with if the skills were at those levels. Ps. dont forget there are implants that also boosts CPU and PG. Bye.

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they already did that in 2010, you’re asking for easiest mode



Can’t you just buy the skillpoints you need from CCP now? They fixed this problem years ago.


Yes, I have been considering doing that instead of engaging with toxic cesspool where any suggestion gets shot down without any real arguments… If you believe that soft requirements of installing 3rd party software on your computer to resolve a game shortcoming is an answer, that is on you…

ah, another one of “it was hard for me, it has to be hard for others as well”

I think I’m good with 350 mill SP and 200 bill net worth, but yea, I need insta gratification for some reason, sure…

And yes, think of the new players… Back in 2010 this could have been fine, but since then, there are a lot of more games to play, in general and in MMO and in Sci-Fi setting. Yes, I know the next argument, they are not EVE, but they don’t need to be, they need to have some elements, elite has spaceships, x4 has sandbox, some other have MMO part, etc…

Stop looking at everything through your eyes and think about a general random person, he hears about EVE, it’s space ships, he want’s to play, he spends 60 days training fitting skills, what?

Also think about all the newbie friendly corp CEO’s, all the FC who have to move stuff for their member and maintain separate fits, create countless contracts and spend a lot of time on admin time sinks instead of actually playing the game. More often than not, they exhibit signs of burnout in few months, and for what? So that you can come in and just spew some non arguments and feel good about yourself and think “hahaha, I showed him… stupid…”

And yes, new players are a problem, what was it, 80% of new players stop playing eve in first 2-3 weeks, why do you think that is, when you are so smart? I’ve been living in FW LS for few weeks now and by now I know all the residents already, playing same cat and mouse game with same people under same rules and already know who will bring what, who is kitey, who is brawly, etc…

FW is being celebrated as great rework and reason to come back into game, which I did, but if there is not injection of new blood it will stagnate pretty fast and CCP’s release schedule isn’t fast enough to keep pumping great features and keep people interested.

I don’t know about your personal finances, maybe you have millions and all is peanuts to you, but most people I know would not be irresponsible to just dump 100’s of Euros, next to 20 euro sub, on a game they are not sure if they will continue to play or not…

It’s not “any suggestion”, it’s “change the whole concept of the game pls”. Had you made a reasonable suggestion that fits within the MMO that EVE is then you’d have gotten a different response. But you didn’t, so you don’t.

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no the F*ck it isnt, it is a program made by a player, significantly improved code wise and maintained by a group a of players today, It is a 3rd party site/installation one can use…but it has never been a “CCP” product.

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@Max_Deveron That was exactly the point I was trying to make.

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(Whooshing sounds)



Why do people want to be heros and think about saving the entire game?

If you care so much OP just go run for CSM and tell CCP this not us random internet strangers.

Or just play the game with your friends and have fun.

To be honest I really do think the most affluent in EVE in terms of SP, Social networking, and ISK are the people who make massive suggestions that fundamentally alter the game.

Everyone else here has hit the mark on the substance of OP’s suggestion so I went for the merit angle.


CSM members and CCP read this forums as well, this is intended as feedback and to raise awareness in hopes it will be looked at from either CSM and CCP.

One doesn’t need to run for a city major to fix a pothole in front of their house…

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Timed character progression is a key part of a role playing game where your choice of skill plans bring specialisation to the game and a choice to players. It also time gates content so that as a player you have something new to aim towards. In basic terms one can argue choice leads to complexity and a more rewarding game. Learning faster is an option and I guess CCP have a solution for that - Omega and Injectors.

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