Fitting skills need to go

But it is illegal to fix it yourself in majority of situations

Of course, but a person doesn’t need to lay out a massive game altering suggestion to fix a problem they have addressed already.

Your suggestion is equivalent to changing vast swaths of the city code to fix a problem that maybe a very small minority has/experiences?

So, you are the rich mayor who thinks this massive suggestion is for the better of the less fortunate new player? :face_with_monocle: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Of course, this can be argued further but for the merits of this specific OP it fits.


Not that many games these days have timed progression, it’s fallen mostly out of favor… Obviously, looking at player count historical graphs, what we have now is not working. But sure, I get what you mean, but also keep in mind that skill (ranks or number) have not been lowered in years and CCP added quite a lot new skills to train, from racial battlecruisers, strategic dessies, trigs , edencom, lancers, etc…

Sooooo, removing 5-6 skills from the game which has 466 skills and 566 million skill points to train is massive game alteration?

Please elaborate what is definition of massive game alterations so I can write it down in my notes and have a bit more realistic topics for discussion in the future.

Well others have said it better on the substance. So I will quote them because I 100% agree with these straight up facts. :exploding_head:

This is quite a fair point from Xeux.

This is also a very fair point from Souisa. He also mentions making the UI reflect skill plans so things are more transparent in game. @Aisha_Katalen brought up the use of Pyfa. A very great third-party application that helps people fit their ships. Pretty much an extension of what we have in game but better! @Max_Deveron mentions also that Pyfa will never go away and is regularly maintained.

@Elle_Mendez dropped straight up FACTS by talking about how character projection is important in EVE and leads to specialized characters. She wraps up her post by mentioning injectors exist and omega time is x2 training speed.

I will conclude with my own opinion:

EVE is a long-term game. Players both new and old need to plan on the skills they will train in the future to make sure they get their goals done. I do not want to see skills removed. As that goes against the idea that EVE is a long-term game. I remember some CSM people talking about how the “Think of the children in EVE” argument is just illogical in the end. It is wrong to undermine the principles that EVE was designed on by removing skills. I tolerate injectors and people buying plex. Heck you could buy entire characters if you have the isk and some $$$!

It is wrong and dishonest to think that a person can’t do due diligence and create a smart skill plan. Anyone who complains especially in your status in EVE honestly is bored of the game. So, you come here with the intention of helping the children of EVE while throwing away the last thing we got that is the skills we need to train.

I am tired of people who use the “Think of the Children” argument in EVE. People should think of the game as a whole. Not only the children/newbies.


Those are mostly nullblock CSM going “think of our clone armies!” where all new players and characters can get into their doctrine ships way easier and if there weren’t any fitting skills then they’d not have to worry about different fits for different people. It’s about as self serving as it gets.


people are relentless when it comes to defending their investment/edge, i wonder that this thread has not escalated yet.

maybe because there was a discusion about the skill system not too long ago and nearly everything has already been said. there were lots of valid and interesting arguments from both sides, but even more trash talk and trolling. if you dont mind the later

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No one going to mention the recruit link gives a newbie 1 million skill points, which if they are guided could just train these skills out pretty much instantly?

Some of the skills like Advanced Weapon Upgrades V sucks! Not rewarding, as you said.
Let’s get rid of them!

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