Devblog: Skills On Demand - Changes Coming To The Skill System!


(CCP Falcon) #1

Check out this devblog for more details on changes coming to the skill system that will benefit pilots both old and new!

Read all about it here!

Suggestions for CCP's idea to offer direct purchase of skillbooks from character sheet
(LordOdysseus) #2

We’ll be taking a pass on the prices of skills to make sure that their cost is consistent, fair and sensible for today’s market.

Reduce the titans skillbooks’ price to 1 bil please. The price for them is simply too much.

(Ustoiss Egivand) #3

ffw i was going to be first comment thanks lord odysseus

(Kalaratiri) #4

The only real negative I can see from this is it will remove the low-level trading available to new players of taking npc-order skillbooks to tradehubs and selling them slightly above cost. It’s not a huge loss, but it was a good way to learn the market by using items with a fixed base cost.

(CCP Falcon) #5

Based on what?

It’s a one cost investment for a ship that costs orders of magnitude more and has the destructive power to oneshot other vessels.

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #6

I would advocate that some of the higher level skills would be above market price to facilitate gameplay in finding the lowest price through market abilities and facilitation.
We should, beyond newbro skills, need to pay a slight premium for this service. It would mean trading skills would stay as well as a usage for schools to stay open.

(Forum Posting Alt) #7

Will there be a buy back for skillbooks?

(Jerry Falcone) #8

I can see this as sensible for the magic 14

(Forum Posting Alt) #9

And what happens to skillbooks on the market? (thinking jita)

(CCP Affinity) #10

No. The current functionality of skills being purchased on the market and injected will remain and any skills purchased directly on the char sheet will be auto injected. There will be no method to return unwanted skill books

(Jerry Falcone) #11

Those will still be there.

(Maekchu) #12

Not a fan of these minor changes. They seem rather pointless.

The main reason newbies gets confused, is that the NPE is bad and doesn’t explain eve well enough.

(Forum Posting Alt) #13

So you have essentially destroyed the skillbook resale market (other than the rare types not seeded)

(The Mad Jester) #14

Couldn’t the same or similar result be achieved by making skill books remotely injectable? Or is this more of an attempt at creating an isk sink?

(CCP Affinity) #15

As stated in the blog, the char sheet purchase option will have an ISK amount added on top, so we do not do this :slight_smile:

(Steve Ronuken) #16

As the devblog said, there’ll be a percentage markup on all skills acquired this way. There’ll be room for people buying and shipping. It just won’t be as big as with some of the lower end skillbooks. (which can be marked up over 1000%)

(Damian Kowalski) #17

What do you plan to do about triglavian skill books? WIll these stay as only avaliable on market?

(Forum Posting Alt) #18

whats the percentage? isnt that CCP manipulating the market then?

(CCP Affinity) #19

Yep, we will not put these on the char sheet for purchase

(Allendre Okaski) #20

They said in the release that skills which are not available from NPC schools will remain unchanged