What skills does my miner need?

I have basically gotten my mining character some key mining skills. I can fly tier 2 mining ships. But there are all these extra reprocessing skills.

Question I have is does my miner need reprocessing skills like common ores etc, to mine better or are reprocessing skills just for refining the ore?

I would look it up on google but I has been 2 years since some of the most recent web page articles on the matter and I fear for changes that would make reprocessing skills necessary for mining that particular ore more efficiently.

Thank you

Take a read through this, this should cover a lot of what you need - Mining - EVE University Wiki

It says on that page you linked the some of the information is outdated so I still don’t know the answer. I don’t want to trust a page that says the game changes make it outdated.

If you don’t want to figure out on that page, how about you use ingame means? You already know what you want to fly. Check the modules or module mining crystals if the skills for reprocessing are listed in the Required For tab. Alternatively, check the Reprocessing skills in question if they list any information about them being required for mining modules.

If you do that, you will notice that you need these reprocessing skills to use certain mining crystals. That should answer your question.

i’m not sure what bits are out of date, use multiple sources, for example if you are interested in the reprocessing skills, look at that webpage and then look at the reprocessing skills in game to see if the information still correlates.

or simply try a skill, simple crystals (a cheap skill, good for high sec roids) for example, try it without the skill then get the skill and train it a few levels and try it again with the A or B crystals and see what your yield is per cycle.

i can tell you I get more yield using Modulated strip miners with A or B type crystals than I do with Strip Miner Is alone, but with crystals you get residue (wastage)

Yes. Short answer.

Higher reprocessing skills are required in order to fit T2 frequency crystals onto your lasers. The slighly longer answer is whether that is actually worth it.

All crystals make your mining faster. And not all crystals result in “wastage”. However, you need T2 lasers in order to fit crystals in first place and T2 give a minimum amount of wastage before you start eg for every 2 ore you mine a third is lost as waste. That is not a problem when you have unlimited supply eg lots of asteroid belts, but might be a problem if you have limited supply of very valuable ore = do you go speed + waste, or slower but 100% recovery?

Reprocessing skills are only useful for using mining crystals. If you’d rather just use ORE or T1 strips for no waste, don’t waste the SP.

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