Why do mining crystals have such harsh requirements?

(Type) Ore Processing III. Science IV. Metallurgy IV. Reprocessing IV. Reprocessing Efficiency V. All of which are Industry/Science related instead of actual Mining.

And they’re not even that good??? You can just use an ORE Miner instead, and get 90% the efficiency with none of the waste.

What gives?

If you have an alternative, why complain? Miners need some goals to skill like all other professions too. And the crystals offer not only more yield but also different options (low waste, high yield, destructive waste). But if you don’t like that, just use the ORE miners all day long. @Aiko_Danuja & friends will send you their best regards.


ORE miners work very well, no need to worry about anything else.


Because there’s no ORE Deep Core Strip Miner. :,)

Trying to mine Mercoxite, but there’s no “good” option available for my Hulk. Either a waste a ton of SP training science/industry, which I have no use for, or I train up to mining Frigate V to unlock the Prospect/Endurance. :,(

Where are you right now?

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I’m not telling, you just want to steal my giblets! >o>



But there is an Ore Deep Core Mining Laser…

The original ideal of residue was to penalize meta ( compact, scoped ) mining modules.

Shortly after announcement the mechanic changed to the current system, argued on the merit it would unfairly punish lower skill miners and potentially lead to actions to exclude those characters from an activity. The irony being that the current system punishes higher skill mining pilots, especially those that once used crystals with many null areas outright banning crystal use on r32/r64 moons.

Training to use crystals is heavily disincentivized in the regions of space that saw most use of the skills that took the largest investment. Its just another backwards mechanic needing a balance pass, having not been altered since residue was added as a mechanic.


I don’t have the T2 mining frigs unlocked. Even if I did, they still barely equal to the Deep Core Strip Miner even without it having the crystal.

I’ll just have to suck it up and train it when I have the chance. I eventually want Scrap Metal Processing anyways.

Those are all skills you should naturally have trained anyways as a miner/indy person?

Something about the crystals mining more volume if they are getting the correct ore? It has been so long since I mined a moon.


but mandatory for standard ores.

There is more to mining than the single most valuable and limited chunks of rock in the entire universe.

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Mining =/= Industry

Especially since it’s (literally) 100x easier to transport Compressed Ore than it is Minerals anyways.

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You seriously want to die on the hill that MINING is not EQUAL to Industry??

So you are one of those people who mine and simply sell your rocks? If you are I feel super sorry for you… You will never know the joy of creation and building a ship because there should be pride in brining new ships into exitance with your own hands.

Mining groups do use Ore Strip Miners on Moon pops (due to their importance) and then t2 crystals for all the other ores. t2 crystals do have benefits vs Ore miners beyond cost :joy:

You waste your time, there are people who are always able to create scenarios where they can scream “But if you make it just this strange and stupid way than it really sucks and it needs to be fixed!!!”.

Fact is, if you are skilling into a professional Industrial char, you don’t need to mine at all, you better buy your resources and use market knowledge to get them cheaply (or even better: make delivery contracts with people who look for regular bulk sales). And if you have fun mining them yourself, then you will skill all the skills for a professional mining career (including all the skills for T2 crystals) anyway.

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I have always been a vertical integration guy. :sweat_smile:

Still tho it is fun to create things. Mining is a means to an end. They work together. You have a very valid point also.

Perhaps I didn’t expound well enough given that I was getting ready for work, but yes. Mining and Industry aren’t the same thing.

They’re related, but you can be a miner without being an indy, and vice versa.

I mine ore in my Hulk, and then contract it to the guy who has his Reprocessing skills maxed out.


That’s factually true. You can do invention, reactions, manufacturing, logistics, research, copying without a need to mine.


Logistics ( Mining → Refining → Production → Marketing )

People who just want to mine rocks never seem to care about how much ISK is being left on the table by their own tunnel vision. They almost never want to hear about the skillpoints required and without fail, those who ‘just want to do the activity’ and sell below cost could not care they screw over everyone while they are screwing over themselves in a race to the bottom.

Not worth the effort anymore.

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