Strip Mining Crystals, Strip Mining Crystals II


Usage Mining Сrystals is a very uncomfortable and expensive… And long time to learn skills.

Want to offer a Skills book.

Skills book - Management Technology of Mining Crystals               

Asteroid Specialization Yield Modifier  - x 0.14 bonus per skill level   (Mining Crystal bonus)
Requirements:  Mining 5, Metallurgy 4, Science 4, Reprocessing 4, 
                          Reprocessing Efficiency 5, industry 5, Advanced Industry 3.

Big demands, will exclude Chinese bots, and will not affect the of ice and gas.



Mining bonus should be more!


T2 Mining Crystals have not been profitable for a long time.

Then don’t use them. If are unprofitable for you (how is that even possible?).

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Mine with drones from mining command ships. (venture->porpoise->orca) A lot less skills to learn. Much bigger ore hold.

The skills for mining crystals also work into the refining of that ore. For the increase in yield in space, then for the same skill increase the yield in the hanger. Further Foreman skills were revised with the added bonus to increasing the durability of Mining Crystals.

I would not mind to see mining crystals of ore, simplified into the behaviour of bands for Moon Ores. But mining does not need more skills to train or higher yields. It needs the opposite of both, and the removal of mining drones. Because a passive activity does not need even more automation.

what ? Since when ?

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Using Mining Crystals over not using Crystals provides better yield.

Strip Miner 1 = 675m²
Modulated Strip Miner 2 + Veldspar Mining Crystal 2 = 787.50m² (450 x 1.75)

Maths is better than English?

Mining Laser II = 60
O.R.E Miner = 65
Modulated Deep Core Miner 2 + Veldspar Mining Crystal 2 = 120m² / 3 min x 1.75 = 70

Yield wise yes. But it would take someone more vested than me to figure if the yield gain verses the life-cycle and cost of the crystals lead to net profit.

Then there is the decision whether to refine for manufacture or compress for sale/trade. If you are not getting the second tier benefit from Veldstar Processing IV - then time and effort might be better training into skills that provide more intrinsic value. (travel, tank or fitting for example).

It’s very simple. you make the value you mine, per hour, with or without a crystal ; and you remove the price of the cystal for the value mined with crystal.

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