Mining Crystal Query

Ive a query re mining crystals, ive 2 retrievers, 1 with Modulated strips with Complex A Is getting 1229m/s per 110s or 11.1 ms/s, another with normal strip miner I getting 1388ms per 110s or 12.6ms/s, how can Strip Miner I outperform Modulated with the correct Crystal for the ore being mined?

on the toon that was with the modulated, i swapped out for T1 Strip Miners and he gets 1536me per 110s or 13.9m. surely the t1 crystals should eb giving me more than t1 strips

i am using complex crystals for Arkonor

Also what is the advantage of the T2 Crystals over T1, from what I can see they produce more residue for only 0.3 better yield

I sussed this out, i was using Deep Core Modulated Strips rather than just modulated Strips

T2A generates only slightly more waste in exchange for 30% more yield. Seems like a fime tradeoff to me.

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