Deep core strip miners vs normal strip miners?

Hey o7

Never mined in my life but would like to try it sometime.

I’ve looked at the training differences and can see that deep core>standard strip miners, but what are those crystal charges that you use on them ? What do they do ?

Want to get a T1 barge, stuck between Covetor and a Retriever. Covetor has more yield but less ore hold, while retriever is the opposite.

I know that they are very fragile but Im not going to be afk mining. Just would like to give mining a shot.

Sorry if this belongs in new players Q&A.


Depending on the name of the crystal in question, notice how it is named after an Asteroid. Pretty much it works like laser ammo, but those crystals increase mining yield on the specific asteroids you are mining.

But, just like laser crystals, mining crystals take damage over time as you use them

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Oh cool, thank you :slight_smile:

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Note that the normal T2 strip miner outperforms the Deep Core strip miner. The Modulated Deep Core variant is only required when you want to mine Mercoxit ore, which is only found in nullsec.

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o7 Aela,

Regarding strips miners everything was said by @Gaius_Clabbacus and @Arcanith_Lionheart.

If you want to find alternative between Covetor and retriever, please check Procurer because this mining barge can answer on your questions. Good for Highsec/Null because it’s quite tanky (Procurer 67k EHP and with T2 skiff i manage to get 97k EHP).

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Doesn’t cover deep core stuff, but does cover most everything else.

Modulated strip miners (i.e., the T2 variants) have lower yield than T1 strips when the T2 has no mining crystal installed. Regarding Mercoxit, the Uniwiki article on mining suggests that deep core modules have lower yield (for non-Mercoxit ores) than other corresponding modules, but iirc, the modulated deep core mining laser (with crystals) has improved yield over T2 Mining Lasers, and there is no other modulated mining laser. NB: “mining laser” and “strip miner” are two different classes of modules. You can’t put any kind of strip miner on anything but a mining barge or exhumer. You can put mining lasers (including the modulated deep core mining laser) on a Venture or Expedition Frigate.

One thing to consider is the tank. If you use a T1 barge you may attract the attention of CODE. who like to suicide T1 barges. So while you haven’t mentioned it the procurer has an pretty damn good tank and if you want to mine without having to always watch local and/or people come into the belt you are in with nefarious intent…it is a viable option. I use the t2 version on those rare instances when I do mine. That way if I want to go to the kitchen and grab a drink, etc. I don’t have to dock up, etc.

Especially when paired up with a buddy/alt in a hauler so you can transfer ore to a jet can and then transfer it to your hauler.

I have to agree with everyone here. Go for the Procurer with T2 strip miners and mining crystals. Don’t bother with the deep core unless you are in null and going after mercoxit. Hope you have fun, and Fly Safe!

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