Modulated strip miner with crystal vs miner 2

is there a preference between modulated strip miner with crystal vs miner 2 on a procurer? Im stuck trying to decide what modules to add for mining ops…

I can run the numbers, but I thought that modulated strip miners w/crystals bodied the miner 2’s

A proc doesn’t have any turret hardpoints. They must use strip miners, t1 (no crystals), t2 (better with crystals), Deep core (for merx with crystals)



The Miner IIs are for the mining frigates (and non-mining bonused ships with turret slots such as the rare Veldnought)

On the off chance you meant prospect and were taking about the modulated deep core mining laser vs mine II. The deap core is better for some reason despite this not holding true for strip miners.

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