Bought a procurer and when I fit a mining laser it says no open turret hard points?

what it says above

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Mining Lasers are usable by any ship with the fitting resources and turret slots available.
Strip miners are only usable by ships with specific systems to enable their use, like Barges and Exhumers.

You are flying a barge with no turret slots (Procurer), hence you need to be using strip miners.



I understand it might be confusing for players new to mining in EVE, but mining lasers and strip miners are two different types of mining equipment.

Mining lasers require turret hardpoints on your ship, which means they can be fit to any ship with turret hardpoints, including many ships that aren’t intended for mining. Ventures (mining frigate) for example have two turret hardpoints and can fit two mining lasers, but you could also put mining lasers on a Nereus (hauler) for example. (The latter is a bad idea as your yield will be much lower than if you were to use a Venture with mining lasers instead - I wouldn’t mine in anything but ships with mining bonuses! )

Strip miners are specialised mining equipment that can only be used by mining barges and exhumers. Your mining barge has no turret hardpoints, put some strip miners on it instead!



Back after 5 years I have 2 omega accounts and just killing time until my headset comes from amazon. I am pvp always but 2nd account has mining skills so what the hell. I also was doing a l4 mission and it kept locking up. I hope this is just a bad eve day because I love this game.

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