Cannot fit Gas Harvesters on Retriever. BUG

Strip Miner fitting requires high slot.
Gas Harvesters fitting requires high slot.

Retriever has 2 high slots.

Strip Miner fits OK.
Gas Harvester Does NOT fitts.

Description of a ship: Mining barges are equipped with electronic subsystems specifically designed to accommodate Strip Mining and Ice Harvesting modules.

A gas harvester, like a mining laser, requires a turret high slot. Mining barges and Exhumers don’t have turret slots - strip miners don’t need them. As @Brigitte_Schmidt points out they have bespoke subsystems in the barges to support Strip Miners.

So, gas harvesters can be fitted to any turret ship - the same way mining lasers can. But not to non-turret ships like the Retriever (or a Drake etc).

The Mining Frigates all have turret slots so all of them fit gas harvesters and mining lasers. The Venture has a gas harvesting bonus so will out perform a barge anyway. I’d also suggest that even if a Retriever could gas harvest, a Retriever full of gas would be the very definition of “gankable”.


Gas harvesters require a turret high slot.

Those are different things than just a high slot.

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Ok, then why it is not written in description of harvester module ?
When I was buying it I checked for requirements and saw nothing about turrets in description.

Always worth simulating a fit first rather than just buying stuff and hoping it all works coherently - especially important as you start to get more and more expensive fits.

Yes but why it is not written in the description ? what devs are thinking ?

Because they were probably implemented at different points in the development timeline and CCP didn’t bother enough to go back and make sure everything is uniform. This is why CCP will roll out various patches with updated text descriptions now and then when they catch it. Instead of whining, why not provide a constructive change and suggest to CCP that the text be updated?

They’re probably thinking that their playerbase will have enough braincells to at least use the Ship Simulation fitting tool they provided to first check and see if a fit will work before complaining about it on the forums.

Iono, what do you think they devs were thinking?

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i lol’d

Also, you’re complaining you can’t fit a 1m mod on a 20m ship, but it can fit on a 500k ship. Why are you even complaining?

if you can afford a retriever, you can afford a venture… a ship which is actually bonussed for gas mining.

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