Returning player, please help me fit hulks and covetor

(stelioss) #1

Miner coming back to the game from 2013. Have 2 hulks and a covetor, please help me fit them, already have my hauler fitted out. but my miners can no longer field 3 strip miners? what the heck? help! haha

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(elitatwo) #2

You should read the “traits” tab very carefully. It may surprise you that the bonuses make up for the slot changes.

Now as for fitting one of the ships with the lowest amount of slots you can put modules in, I am making an educated guess that capital neutralizers will not fit in the high slots.

By trait, neither the Hulk nor the Covetor very meant to tank much, so putting one of the 3 different scanners which scan asteroid compositions nearby could be one of the things to have with you and since armor reps also don’t quite fit very well, maybe some enhancements for the task at hand would be preferable.

Happy mining!

(Penance Toralen) #3

In 2016 the mining barges and exhumers were standardised to two high-slots - stepping away from the 2012 update with hull bonus for 150% and 200% strip power.

High: Mining Strip x 2
Mid: ML3 Survey
Low: Mining Laser Upgrade x 3
Rig: two tech2 medium mining drone aug + 1 tech

5 x mining drone
5 x hobs

You can opt for tech2 strips and crystals or tech one, and omni ore. Tech2 strips need a little more power grid and you may need a grid Implant in slot 6. Similar to drones, your skills permitting. Mining Drones also got an update, and have a second tier skill which boosts tech2.

the hulk is similar, but has piss poor grid for any meaningful tank. Even if you did try some shield amps and maybe small extenders.

Personally, firesale the hulls and switch over to Skiffs and Procurers. In trade for mining less, they brick tank, carry more ore, more drones and fly faster. The skiff has enough grid to fit two medium shield extenders, through its five mids and have invuls. (you can get two MSE on a procurer - but with a EE-605 and max fitting skills).

Ganking is still a thing, although freighters are the current low hanging fruit. But also the belts can have some nasty NPCs that will shred a tankless hull.

Mining Boosts were also re-vamped and are required to on grid and within AOE of the command ship to be effective.

(Solonius Rex) #4

My advice?

Sell them and buy procurers/skiffs.

Hulks and covetors are catnip for gankers. You will more likely than not lose your ship before making enough money to cover even half the cost of a hulk.

(Scarlett LaBlanc) #5

The Hulk is now designed to be a fleet mining ship.
Tiny ore hold and reduced ability to fit a tank make it really want the support of an orca for fleet ore hold and shield boost link.

They can be fitted to make a ganker work hard but with an ore hold that only fits three cycles you don’t want to use it solo.

(Wina Gild) #6

What would you suggest? Im also back into the game and see some major changes in mining. Im able to fly everything in T2 exhumers - but would like to have the max output in null sec. Any suggestions?

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

(Scarlett LaBlanc) #7

The Mackinaw has the largest ore hold, 35,000m3 I believe. So that is viable for solo mining since you wont have a hauler and don’t need to jet can it. If you fit it for tank and not yield it is pretty stout.

Other choice is the Skiff. It is designed around a solid tank. Properly fit it takes a real effort to gank it. However it does make sacrifices to yield and ore hold.

Like everything in Eve, it is about trade offs. I am hesitant to post fits here, as that tends to lead to flame wars and I wont claim to be a fitting expert. If you would like some fitting ideas, message me in game.

Edit: Just reread your post and noticed you said Null sec. That invalidates some of my post as it was written to address high sec concerns. Some will still apply to your situation, but speaking to some of your alliance industrial members may do you better good than me. That said, I’ll still be happy to share my fits in game if you want

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(captain leigh) #8

just returned myself to eve after constant spam emails saying eve is free to play, seems everything has been scaled down to force you to have to buy game time and now play multiple accounts. everything seems over complicated now and very difficult to work out. (might just be me getting old)
any help for an old miner appreciated thanks

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(Solstice Projekt) #9

Fit for max yield.
Fit a higgs rig.
Stay aligned at 75% max speed.
Play zoomed out.
Warp out as soon as danger arrives on screen.

Tank is useless. When caught you will die.

(Anderson Geten) #10

some rats actually require tank.

(Natocha Daisy) #11

Hi, our elite alpha help channel has links to standard fits.

To access open chat rooms box and type elite alpha into search.

Happy flying!

(Natocha Daisy) #12

Higgs rig?

On what ship?


(Anderson Geten) #13

On the ship OP asked advices for.

This post actually makes sense. Just forget the “max yield” thing, instead use “max ore” unless you are playing with orca friend

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(Natocha Daisy) #14

Oh ok. Thanks.

(Solstice Projekt) #15



The higgs rig has been implemented exactly for countering bumping of mining ships. It’s the best rig when it comes to staying aligned, all it needs is preparing a few bookmarks around the belt, proper use of well placed celestials and whatever it takes to slow down the ships.

I used to quadruplebox an orca and covetors, with higs rigs and spiderwebs to cruise through a belt at 8msec, sucking it dry. That’s actually hard work in a max yield fleet setup. Click click click alttab click click click alttab click click click. The moment someone warps in, the FC (well, me lol) warps out everyone.

I actually don’t consider mining in skiffs or tanked miners to be a sensible thing to do, which also allows me to piss off miners when I start mining their rocks or ice faster than they do. I like adding PvP to my mining.

They really hate that!

(Anderson Geten) #16

don’t forget the medimum trimark ! reduces your speed by 5-10% !!

(Johnny Boggart) #17

mining moon ore in LS, I only use covetor and hulks fitted for max yield…. I use 3 medium nozzle joint rigs to reduce my warping time…

I just jetcan and fly back to the athanor as soon as a neut enter the system…. As I Don’t mine afk, it is relatively safe if you are on your guard… Of course, if I’m scrambled by an ennemy, my paper tank covetor or Hulk is dead meat but the goal is to be back to the station before being caught…

And because mining is already a boring activity, my mining time must give me the best yield so don’t talk me about procurers, skiffs or tank.

With this method, I consider mining with a covetor or Hulk less risky in low sec than in high sec… With sometimes 20 neuts on local in HS, you have no control and a gank of catalyst can be on you in no time…