New Player seeking advice for Alpha Venture fit

So Im a brand new player (read less than a week) and am looking for some help with a proper fit for my Venture. Im currently running:

High Slots
Miner I
Light Electron Blaster I

Mid Slots
1MN Civilian Afterburner
Compact Multispectrum Shield Hardener
Medium Shield Extender I

Low Slots
Expanded Cargohold I

Im positive this is not a great fit and would love some help with it. Also, since mining drones are Omega only, what sort of light combat drones should i be fielding? Thanks for any help with this topic.

oh hello, dont use civilian modules, also, if u want good returns, fit 2 miner.

also, do career missions and Sister of EVE epic arc, they give of ISK and they are easy

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OK, I can understand the thinking behind the fit - especially putting a weapon in the high slots to deal with rats in the belt. However, you are better using drones for that. And as others have said (hello @Random_Rick) avoid the civilian modules - they are there to give a very cheap option, but are generally a lot lower performance than even the weakest “normal” item.

The expanded cargohold rigs only apply to your main cargohold (small) rather than the Ore Hold. They give almost no advantage to a Venture.

I’d be looking at something like:

Basic Miner

[Venture, Basic Miner]

Mining Laser Upgrade I

5MN Microwarpdrive I
Medium Shield Extender I
Compact Multispectrum Shield Hardener

EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser
EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser
[Empty High slot]

Small EM Shield Reinforcer I
Small EM Shield Reinforcer I
Small Thermal Shield Reinforcer I

Acolyte I x1

A lot of fitting decisions in Eve are personal preferences, but I like with a Venture having an MWD as it gets you near to the better rocks faster (and away from the warp in point as well). It’s a shield fit - good enough to handle rats, but like any Venture, you survive by running away from other players if you don’t like what you see.

Which drones you use are, again, preference. Anything will do, some are better against some rats than others - look up NPC damage types and you’ll get a flavour of what to optimally carry, but in practice that’s fine tuning for a miner in hi-sec space.

The Meta miners (the Scoped ones) are better performance than a Miner I and reasonably cheap. You are a miner - this gives you a better mining rate. Fit compact miners if you can’t handle the fitting space.

Meta medium shield extenders are nice, but compared to the rest of the fitting (and your likely budget) rather expensive and not needed - you are only looking to soak a little damage up while your drones deal with the rats.

The whole lot is about 1m ISK - though you can re-fit the ship you currently have to keep the costs down.

Good luck and happy rock bashing!


Thank you for the detailed answer @Terak_Romaller. I was aware of the reduced capability of Civilian gear, but I hadnt yet received a regular Afterburner. I do have a 5MN Microwarpdrive from mission rewards though, so Ill swap those out.

My plan for replacing the Blaster was along the lines you mentioned, finding the right combat drones and letting them handle any rats along the way so I can increase my yield (one laser takes so long to fill a hull :joy:). Should I just buy one or two of each drone, just to make sure I have each kind of rat covered?

I had no idea the Cargo Extender was useless for my ore hold…guess I need to start paying closer attention. As for everything else youve mentioned, Ill be looking around for it once I get back on tonight after work.

I think 2 warriors (fast turret tracking on them and fast speed) or 2 hobgoblins is all you would need.

Those meta miners I would go with the Particle Bore Compact miner for the easier fitting at this stage. The EP-S gaussians are nice with farther range but might be hard for you to fit 2. either one of them mines 20% more then the Miner 1.

I would also remove the shield hardener, put in a small extender if it can fit, it will add more actual tank since the hardener is based on % of your current shield tank which is small. Best of luck!

Keep Ventures cheap, you should be able to have a decent fit for 400-500K I think. Less it cost, the less it takes to replace when you lose one. dont fall into the trap of spending 20Xs as much to do 5% more at this stage :slight_smile:


  1. Since the mining lasers at this point in the game for you are pretty much point and mine (you don’t have to worry about what type of asteroid you are mining), take the time to learn how to:
  • Stay aligned with a location to warp towards (and how to make your own warp to locations if needed)
  • Switch which asteroids you are mining as you move along so they are always in range when the laser cycle ends.
  1. Do not “jet-can” your ore in order to pick it up later with a hauling ship.
  2. Learn how to use the Directional Scanner and how to create custom overview filters for it.
  3. Never assume that the other mining ship in the belt is trying to move closer to you for friendly reasons.
  4. Do not go AFK while mining and assume your ship will still be there when you get back.
  5. Do not go AFK while mining unless returning to find yourself in a station is not of any isk consequence to you (a.k.a. don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose, including implants)
  6. Do not go AFK while mining.
  7. See 7.

So Ive done a little tweaking with the advice Ive been given based on my current skills and what my ship can currently handle.

Ive bought the Mining Laser Upgrade but didnt have enough time to install it before leaving for work.

The Microwarpdrive was too much for my capacitor at the moment, but as I looked through my inventory I discovered I did have a regular Afterburner so theres an upgrade.

As far as drones go, I chose to go with two Hobgoblin I. I bought 5 to replace future losses. I chose those over Warriors for the relatively cheaper price (3k vs 7.4k) as well as Hobgoblins do the type of damage rats in my area are weaker to (I think Thermal, thanks again @Terak_Romaller for the link with that info)

For the turrets, I chose the Particle Bore Compact that @Drago_Wolfbane_Skorvalk suggested due to the lower CPU and grid requirements for (as far as I could tell) the same performance.

As far as the defences go, I kept my Compact Multispectrum Shield Hardener, but removed my Medium Extender. I did add 2 Small EM Reinforcers and a Small Thermal Reinforcer. I also added the Small Extender as well.

@Evei_Shard, thank you for the advice. I refuse to AFK anyway so that wont be an issue. As far as jet-can mining, I wont be doing that unless its with a friend I know well. Im trying to get a friend from work to join up. I always keep a close watch on any ship that comes close. As far as D-scan, alignment and target acquisition…i need to practice lol.


Check this fit:
This is the best fit for alpha venture, had good tank for HS and get the best yield

Good fit, but I’d say drop the Survey Scanner II and use an ML-3 instead… The 1mil isk cost of a T2 scanner over an ML-3 Scoped Survey Scanner is not worth the 2500m difference in range for people just starting out.

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That’s a reasonable change.
Don’t get obsessed with “capacitor stability” - you are not going to be running everything all the time. can’t and I suspect I’ve better Capacitor Skills! For example, you’ll only use a couple of cycles of the MWD to get anywhere in the belt then it’ll not be consuming Capacitor while you are mining - the fit is stable with the hardener and the miners running. Learning to balance the capacitor against multiple demands on it is something you’ll learn with experience.

Again, a fair change - the only difference is in the range of the miners: 11km for the Compact, 16km for the Scoped - but that’s a difference that is negligible given you can move quickly in a Venture. I’m too used to mining in Exhumers where sometimes you end up needing to reach two good but small rocks a long way apart and the range helps. The short cycle times and volumes on a mining laser negate that issue.
I pull 1,500+m3 on a two and a half minute cycle in my Skiff. That’s more than the size on many rocks, so putting two Strip Miners on the same rock is a waste of time.
This “how big is the rock => one miner or two?” question is why you see fits with survey scanners on them to see the size of the rock. I find the whole “ore on-boarding efficiency thing” is a fun puzzle in Eve.

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After reading your explanation, the capacitor stability makes alot more sense, thanks for that.

I didnt even notice the difference in range…I thought I had read it carefully enough. I guess not.

Thank you to everyone who helped me with this fit. Im pleased to say my Venture is performing amazingly now, and is well defended (for HiSec rats at least) with my Hobgoblins. Havent had to test it against any gankers yet thankfully.

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