Hulk High Sec Fit, Please

Looking for a fit for the hulk with high sec survival

If you plan to fit like that, use a different ship. Your gimping the mining by tanking it.

I guess do something like this:

2x t2 shield extender rigs
Damage control in the lows.
Multispectrum hardener x2 in the mids

Your mining modules in the highs
Mining upgrade x2 in the lows

Try to fit the largest shield extender you can in the mids
Does it have a 4th mid? Another multispectrum hardener or amplifier. Meta if things don’t fit.

That’s how I would fit one, it had comparable EHP now to a hull tanked Procurer when I checked.

No point in flying a hulk if you’re going for a defensive fit. Use a skiff.

Hulks are for null sec mining ops that have a guard fleet.

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Thank for the info, I have a skiff, but with the new changes, I wondering if there was a viable hulk fit. The hulk has some nice high sec type bonuses. Could be in a few weeks someone sorts this out.

You know there is a good deal of fun in figuring out fits for yourself right?

Cookie Cutter stuff is not always better than home brewed.

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