High Sec Mining Changes

Its been a while since i played and i was tickling the idea of coming back, what changes has the devs done to high sec mining? I believe the last time i played was 2014ish?

  • I"m still crying about my hulk losing its 3rd mining laser.
  • There was already one total reduction of m3 of high sec mining materals.
  • And has kernite and omber been removed from high sec entirely?

It gained increased yield IIRC so no change actually. Just cheaper.

Hulk is now more like 70k EHP (with boost). Compared to the previous 20k (IIRC).

mack is 90k.

skiff is 120k

m³/s is irrelevant. It’s the part of mats that comes from HS which is relevant. Which was driven down by T1BS/faction/pirat BPC changes - all while tritanium is now mostly HS sourced.


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Thank you for your time and info. Fly safe

I forgot : you need an orca now in HS for the boost. It gives likes +80% yield and tank.

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here is the now basic HS hulk, once boosted

and skiff (same fit). 120k EHP. If the orca only has shield extension + shield harmonizing I get 137k .

Is that pyfa? If so, how did you get it to be in dark mode?

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yes, no idea.

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