Mid Slots

Quick show of hands… shield modules or scanners in mid slot[s] for Retrievers/Covetors/Macks/Hulk?

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Shield for me. i dont care about find out what ore has most of what ever. i would rather have just that extra little bit of tank. i also use three CDFE’s, other then on my ice barge.


A shield does nothing on a Retriever, Covetor. Just too paper thin anyway. Better to use something that’ll provide actual use.

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1 Shield extender and two hardeners. Useful for giving me the few extra seconds I need for my rorqual to get a lock for reps. 4th slot is empty except for my drone bunny with a target painter and 1 alt has a survey scanner.

Depends on where you are mining and if you are with a fleet. Hisec, maybe an Adaptive Invuln, but a survey scanner is a must or you will be guessing and wasting time.

If you are ninja mining then you can go more tanky and just take what you can get before you have to bail…

With a proper support fleet you shouldn’t need anything but shield resists/extenders.

Oh, and if you can’t kill the rats before they get you into armor you should really sacrifice a week and get drones to V.

for retriever/covetor/mack always go tank.
for exhumers it depends on your fleet comp. solo without any backup nearby i’d go with a skiff and max tank. if i’ve got some backup i’d go with a mackinaw and max tank.
if you are in a fleet with then the sittuation starts to change, should have a web (for spider webbing) so you can mine while aligned for max gtfo. if you have dual boosters for full mining + shield boosts, then you can start dropping some of your tank for even more yield.

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