Retriever: best equipment

Hi all,

  • just bought a retriever. What is the best equipment for it?
  • high power slot: strip miners
  • low slots?
  • rigs ?

any ideas please?

As with everything in EVE, it depends.

If you want to go full yield, low slots can be mining upgrades. Alternatively, a damage control unit will improve your very low defences a bit.

There are specialist mining rigs too in case you want to mine ice or mercoxit, otherwise shield resist or extention rigs will do fine.

Mid slot can be more shield resists (multispectrum hardener) or maybe something like a scanner to see how much ore is in the asteroids. Not a fan of that last one myself, but some people like using it.

Personally I don’t like the Retriever. The Procurer has more survivability and the Covetor mines faster, although the latter has a very small ore hold so you would need to offload your ore to a nearby friendly Orca or Porpoise in case you don’t want to be warping all the time to offload your ore in a station.

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Firstly, don’t think its an AFK miner. That will end up in tears. The Retriever’s problem is that people will assume you are AFK because that’s why you bought one…

So saying, my first barge was a Retriever. Served me well - I lost it for other stupid reasons. I fly Procurers and Skiffs now when I mine (rarely). I never AFK in space.

General advice:
Strip miners in the high slots.
A shield tank in the mid-slots - extenders and resistance modules not boosters.
Possibly put a scanner in the mid-slot if you want to optimize asteroid selection. But not critical.
Low-slots: Damage Control and Mining laser upgrades - ditch the DC for another upgrade is valid…
Rigs: shield rigs to maximize tank.

Mining drones and light combat drones (for the rats).
Don’t waste time waiting for them to come back if you need to run. Save the ship - it’s worth more.

You want to be the hardest kill possible incase you didn’t see them approach you. But as always, don’t fly what you would be devastated to loose - someone will enjoy kicking your sandcastle and watching your tears.


great advice!
many many thanks! :slight_smile:

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Strip miner x2

Medium shield extender

Damage control II
Bulkhead x2

Medium thermal rig
Medium kinetic rig
Medium hull or shield extender rig

Retrievers are so boring it encourages you to lose attention, fit for durability. If you cared about yield you would be using a Covetor. If you lack CPU or PG try cheap implants.

What they all said. Fit a tank, watch local, watch d-scan, add ganker corps to red standings, and be aligned.

Also find a quiet system and know you will die eventually. Death is a friend who always finds you and when he does, it’s your fault so plan accordingly.

Welcome to EVE :smiley:


many thanks guys :slight_smile:


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