Can't Fit Ice Harvester or Ice Mining Laser to my Skiff

I have been looking at fits for ice mining in order to run a mission. Whenver I try to fit an Ice Harvester II or Ice Mining Laser II to my Skiff, I get an error that says I cannot fit the module.

I can’t figure out why. The fit guide on the EVE wiki clearly shows the fit. Does anyone have an idea why I can’t fit the module? It’s making me crazy!


you are trying to fit turrets (Ice Mining Lasers and Mining Lasers are turrets) on a ship that doesnt support them. Barges and Exhumers are designed to use Ice Harvester and Strip miner modules.

If you are trying to fit Ice harvesters II and they dont fit maybe you dont meet skill requirements to do so.

I have all the required skills.

I am so confused. Is the EVE Wiki out of date or just horribly wrong? Is clearly shows on the web page. “Skiff: Ice Max Yield” and it shows 2 “Ice Harvester II” modules. And it even says I get a 2% reduction to Ice Harvester duration per level.

I have the Skiff trained to V.
I have the two Ice Harvesters or Laser
And yet I cannot fit them to my ship.

Any help at all would be great. I would rather not use the mining frigate.

Modules have their own requirements. Ice Harvester II in particular requires Ice harvesting V in order for you to fit it.

I have Ice Harvesting trained to V as well.

It is a very tight fit CPU-wise. Can you simulate fit in eve and see if you are lacking any skills or fitting? Some screen shots would have helped as well (what error exactly you are getting).

I will try. For now, I am just going to use a Frigate.

Thanks for your help, though. I really appreciate it! :slightly_smiling_face:

What is the exact message you are getting?

Is it " you cannot fit this module because you are running out of “x”"?

Did you fix the problem?

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