Why should i buy a Deep Core module and skill?

1 : Can someone explain me why should I buy skill ( specialisation ) and module Deep core strip miner t2 ( see picture bellow ) ? And I see 320 m^3 and 480 m^3 but, the deep core if I understand, it’s like less efficient that regular strip miner !??

2 : what is the better miner t2 or Strip miner t2 ?

Thanks in advance ! and fail safe

Ps : I get an exhumer ship ( Hulk )

see this picture :

You are missing a couple of details in your comparison.

Strip Miner I is used just like a mining laser - point it at any rock and it drags the same volume of stuff in regardless of the ore.

Modulated Strip Miners are designed to work with mining crystals - fit any crystal and it will out perform the Strip Miner I for the ore the crystal is designed for.
T1 crystals last forever, T2 crystals are consumed over time but have better bonuses.

Deep Core miners are intended for mining Mercoxit - a useful ore for T2 manufacturing. They are less efficient than normal miners, but a normal miner can’t handle Mercoxit.

Mining laser details.
Mining Crystal details

There’s a world of difference between being able to fly a Hulk and knowing how to fly a Hulk.


thanks my friend, in the beginning ( 2014 ), when i started in high sec hageken , i bought a exhumer and i make lot of money ! Its was simple because the Ore in high sec ( less skill ) is not like in null sec ( specialisation ).

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