Hey everyone! i just got all my skill up, so i can start deep core mining. but which ships will be best for it? can i use a venture or a procurer or wich ship do i need?

Why do you want to deep core mine?

Do you understand what Deep core mining, is?

Deep core mining is usually reserved for mining Mercoxit, which, as far as Im aware, almost exclusively exists in nullsec.

For any other ore, the T2 strip miner, is better.

Procurer will always be better than a venture, in terms of yeild. But you need to be Omega in order to use any of the deep core mining lasers or strip miners.

And again, Deep core mining really only has to do with mercoxit, and any other ores will be better mined with a T2 strip miner and their corresponding crystals.

The only other thing ive heard of, is that the Deep core mining laser may have better yeilds than the T2 miner. But thats about it.


You might also want to look into joining a mining group. They’ll share their knowledge with you, give you boosts, and provide some social interaction.

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