Mining Mercoxit

I’m looking to mine the rock. It’s in null, i have no idea where to start with this.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

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find rock, get proc, fit Modulated Deep Core Strip Miner 2. Done.

Well, what @Quentin_Schaefer said. However, without good standing with the locals it can be quite difficult.

Do you have some friends/corp mates to help you with this or is trying to do it all by yourself?

Venture also has deep core mining laser. Might be quite fun to filament into null sec and ninja mine.


But what the objective is? Mercoxit or “fun”?

All the risk for 5000m³ don’t ring as a good deal to me.

deep core miners. skill up so the noxious cloud it makes doesnt kill you

From what I remember this used to be not even worth mentioning. Does it get changed at some point?

Ok so…

I slapped together an expedition frigate, prospect i think it’s called. The one with a cov ops cloak. I checked the belts, Pyroxers. I checked anomalies, Arkonor and Bistot.

At this point i’m guessing it’s in signatures?

where are you looking? merc is in null sec anomalies and some belts

I suppose i was just unlucky then.

What are those anomalies called?

Check your probe scanner for asteroid “clusters” (less likely, “deposits”). You can find Mercoxit in clusters that aren’t labeled as Mercoxit clusters. The bigger the cluster, the more likely there is to be Mercoxit. Typically you’ll find Mercoxit in systems with a high industry index (click the system name and check the Sovereignty tab). Watch out for diamond rats.

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The noxious gas was perfectly survivable at Level 4 for my Venture. Still, it’s nice not getting any damage whatsoever.

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I can’t find it.

I tried using the Agency. Belts have Pyroxers and anomalies have Arkonor/Bistot.

I’m considering trying for signatures. The systems i checked out were claimed. Is that a thing?

I spotted 2 medium+ clusters. Those had a chance at Mercoxit, there wasn’t any.
I spotted a Mercoxit/Arkonor/Bistot with a guarantee at it, local was crowded and i didn’t try it.

So yeah, i’m going back to industry. Kinna sad, we actually need Mercoxit. Figured i’d level up to mining this, you know a purpose. But no… CCP and their “temporary industry screw up”.


*grabs popcorn

Lots of Mercoxit in Archee, Kino, and Niarja. Use a prospect, keep 6000m distance, stay far away from warp-in and ideally behind the asteroid. Have “fun”.

I’m not sure if farming Morphite for T2 Industry is fun or not. Prices are stupid though.

I dive maybe 15-20 jumps in null. Nothing but useless Arkonor and Bistot.

I spot ONE site with Mercoxit, finally. Warp in, start mining, happy dance.

10 seconds in, rats spawn.

Is there something i could build to handle both the Mercoxit and the rats? Or am i just not meant to be able to solo mine this? Multiboxing?

How do people actually pull this off, normally?

I use a Skiff to solo mine mercoxit in belts. I tried using a covetor earlier and would bounce from belt to belt, but that got annoying as it felt like the rats where chasing me and the rats would kill it if I was distracted for a second. Granted I’m blue to the locals, so not ninja mining. Now I use a skiff warp in, kill the rats with medium II drones, salvage/loot and continue mining. The only things I have to watch out for is diamond rats, non blues in local and I always assume the path back to hi-sec has at least one gate camp somewhere.