Porpoise needs Mercoxit Ability

The Porp is the smallest of the mining boosting platforms. It only has 2 avenues.

Asteroid Ore and Gas. Mercoxic is an Asteroid Ore. Porpoise should be able to compress Mercoxic.

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Why? That would be too easy. EVE isn’t about easy.

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Eve Easy? would you mind expounding on your reply?

You forget that Mercoxit is very special asteroid ore, requiring specialist skills and tools to mine.

It’s no surprise that compression of Mercoxit isn’t the same as regular ore either.


but it’s still an asteroid ore. you cannot find it on moons or in ice belts.

Porp does Asteroid and Gas. Should be able to compress Mercoxic as well

You skipped the part where I mentioned it was special, different than other ores and required special equipment?

If your argument is that mercoxit should be compressed the same as other ores because it’s similar to other ores, you will have to address that point.

No, EVE isn’t easy.

You’re asking for a feature that would make things easier and more convenient.
EVE isn’t about easy or convenience.
Going AFK in space for exemple, is a criminal act. It’s convenient to shoot a lazer at a rock and get up to go cook something but it’s forbiden in EVE. When you’re in space and the urge to take a dump overwhelms you, you have to dock or lose your ship. That’s just an example.
Easy and convenient are two words missing in the New Eden dictionary.

Last time I checked, and correct me if I’m wrong. But Mercoxic, does Not spawn in High Sec.

If you in low, null, or Wormhole space and decide to “AFK mine” your chances of survival, are not really all that good. If the NPC’s don’t get ya, players will.

Exactly. Those were exemples of the kind of conveniences that some players would like to have.

Your request can fall into that category ( convenience ) All I’m saying is that the Porpoise compressing Mercoxit would be a convenience that EVE will not allow.

Take the job of shoveling for exemple. Sometimes you hit rock and have to change to a pickaxe. Same in this case. The Porpoise is a shovel. Mercoxit needs a pickaxe.

You do have a Valid point. But may I remind you that the same lazors that can mine mercoxic also can mine the other ores with the right crystals. Again to your point, if thats the case then there should be a T2 version of the compressor should handle Mercoxic. or like they do with the capital and large, have a specific compressor just for Mercoxic.

It’s just ironic, that the only 2 jobs a porpoise has is Asteroid and Gas. yet one of the asteroids you cannot mine.

I mean the Orca can mine all moon and Ice ore, can it not? it isn’t limited to all but one of the Ice or Moon ores?

So your pickaxe, its meant for rocks, not just all but one kinda rock, right? So if your pickaxe can take on all the other kinda rocks, but not this one rock where you need another tool Just for that. . .

And my man, shovels do Dirt :smiley:

Re-read my post with a little more attention.

I did. You are using a shovel and have to switch to a pick axe.

Pick axes are meant for rocks, but, as I said, the pick axe is meant for All rocks, not just 1 kinda rock. Having to use a pick axe(meant for rocks) but then buy Another pick axe, just for one rock, is kinda . . . yea.

Bottom line Mercoxic is an Asteroid ore. Porps mine Asteroids and Gas

this isn’t easy an easy button or whatnot. It just makes sense/

Yea… no. That’s not the idea I conveyed. Let me clarify.

A Porpoise is like a shovel, yes for dirt ( for the ores that the Porpoise can compress )

For Mercoxit ( that’s the rock ) you’d need to change from a shovel to a pickaxe.

To reiterate a little clearer:
Porpoise = shovel
Something else ( another means to compress Mercoxit ) = pickaxe.

I thankyou for clarifying

But I just do not see your anology.

Pick axes are meant for rocks(As porp is meant for Asteroid ore)

you basically saying All the Other Asteroid Ores but one is dirt, and That one, thats in the same area and classified as the same as the others is something different.

Cannot agree with you there.

Do you see the Orca or Rorq able to mine all but one type? Only the Porp.

The Porpoise has some very basic compression abilities, so that it’s still necessary for players to field Orcas or Rorquals in some cases to compress the other types too.

If I could do it all in a Porpoise, I don’t see why I’d risk bigger slower and more expensive ships.

When does the phrase „Porpoise is for Asteroid Ore and Mercoxit is an Asteroid Ore“ ever matter? Is it something CCP said? Is it part of some grand in-universe lore CCP created? Is it some principled game balance philosophy that CCP follows?

No, it’s just some propaganda you made up to justify an outcome you want.

What CCP said is „Mercoxit gets special treatment because we are the game developers and don’t have to say why“ and you don’t like it. Just plainly say „I don’t like it“ and skip the ■■■■■■■■ excuses.

With those BS reasons out of the way, do you have other reasons besides „I don’t like it“? For example: newbie retention is a popular argument. More money for CCP is another one. Etc.

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Yes, that’s what I’m saying.

It’s not me you’re disagreeing with, it’s CCP.
I understand your request and it does make sense.
It’s just that CCP has decided not to make sense on Mercoxit, probably because it’s an expensive sought-after ore.
As I said: It would be too easy.

I run a Porpoise and mine anomalies with Mercoxit all the time. One barge mines the Mercoxit, one barge mines the Crokite, and any extra barges use B-type crystals on the Bistot. The lack of a Mercoxit compressor just means that you need to drop off at the station at some point. In my experience the ore hold on a Porpoise can hold all the mercoxit in an entire anomaly in just two trips, which means warping the Porpoise off field one time for an entire colossal asteroid anomaly. I wouldn’t even use a Mercoxit compressor if the Porpoise could use one.


Mercoxit is the Adamantine, Mithril, or Vibranium of our universe. It is denser than what your typical mining equipment can handle. It’s the special material that gives T2 the extra edge that it gives, from more damaging ammo to higher resist profiles on ships. Compression requires special care or it would break the equipment due to how hard and dense the material is.

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