Porpoise changes

I’d first like to say thank you CCP dev team for these changes announced they sound amazing and the entire csm for the input they surely had.

I haven’t seen the changes on paper but judging by the way the Indy core effects the orca I’m literally begging you guys to have it effect nothing on the porp except compression. Living in null and constantly diving into j space with my 2 barges and a porp if I’m forced to lock down my porp as the orca now is it will utterly destroy my gameplay. I rely on being able to move.

If the only thing affected is the ability to compress would be ideal. Would also like to throw out having gas drones or maybe a single turret slot for a harvester would be amazing. Please please don’t weaken or remove the boosts if not in Indy core. I won’t be able to use it anymore if that happens.

Edit- if you read this Brisc, you were right lol. These changes are exciting



My understanding is the indy core is only necessary for compression.


Maybe @Ash_Beldrulf would stop crying knowing this

We will see how it works when it goes live. If the Porpoise is the only indy command ship that can still move or mine at full skills without being locked into place by the indy core, I will be amazed.

Okay, I guess I misunderstood what Hadrian was talking about. I don’t believe they have made it so that the porpoise is useless unless the indy core is running, but I expect it will have buffs like the other ships do when the core is running. And of course it won’t move - that’s part of what the indy core does on all the ships.

If that makes it “useless” then that’s something we can revisit, but my understand was that the primary reason for the indy core was to provide for compression.

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I am a High Sec miner and my point of view is through that lens. The Orca is pointless since indy core locks it in place with no panic module and it only carries enough fuel to boost for 45 minutes. If the Porpoise is locked on grid by the indy core it will be just as pointless as the Orca but at a cheaper price.

FYI- High ore mining for a orca is about 2-3M isk per hour in ship that cost 1.8B isk fitted. Mining will never cover the loss of a single orca. The risk vs reward is very off for high sec players now.

Please keep put up the good fight against CCP to make the game better for everyone.

Is the Orca harder to gank with the module running?

LOL! Heck no! No resistance buffs! It only gets locked in place for 150 seconds. So if anything it is even easier to gank.

Have you lost one?

For me personally I only use it to save me a few warps and for the cycle speed boost. So long as they don’t weaken the boosts it won’t affect me. I really hope this is the case.

If they weaken the boosts even more without the core that’s going to hurt. The mining drone bonuses and everything else are irrelevant to my play style. Though I’m sure it will annoy others. I don’t want complete safety or anything but I put enough on the line already.

Has there been any talk about gas drones?

Why would you put a 1.8b ship out in space for a return of 3mil per hour? To me thats just stupid.
Put a retriever out instead.
Orcas are fleet ships not solo ships.

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Look at their post history, doesnt matter what ccp does, any changes to their gameplay is more salt production from them

Maybe because it’s constant nerfs and people are ■■■■■■■ tired of it?

We just got a major update announcement without a single nerf in it.


For me specifically yes. Reading the notes I’m fine with it all and really looking forward to most of it. But some people locking the porp in place to get the mining drone bonuses will really hurt. Sucks to suck I guess. Can’t make em all happy.

Was there a specific reason that asteroid ore was chosen for the porpoise over ice instead? I only ask because it’s kinda rare to see them in ore fields but I know a lot of people that use them in shattered whs to get the little bit of ice they can. Just would make more sense I think.

There were no nerfs for anybody. Even with the changes, the porpoise is still getting a major buff with the addition of the indy core. I’ve brought up that folks would like ice on the porpoise.

Yes. Try it in nulllsec now… We dropped the orca for the porp cause of speed, agility, etc, now there’s absolutely no point using it with new Indy core, for a small amount of bonus if you are grounded in place without a panic button.

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I would say that being forced to be locked on grid to do something you could do while remaining mobile before is a nerf. Not a nerf for me though and I’ve cried enough over the past few months so I’ll just suck it up. i think this is the best patch we could have expected. And I’m glad they went with instant compression.

Thank man. Not being able to compress ice isn’t the end of the world just would a bit more sense in my opinion.

Looking at YOUR history you look a lot bite mate. Save the salt for yourself

Not if you are in HS. but try be locked in place like that in null…