Porpoise needs some love

Orca gets all the compressors - Asteroid, Gas, Mercoxit, Moon & Ice. Porpoise gets Asteroid & Gas only. Maybe a medium ice compressor would be nice. Just a thought after reading reddit. You are still gonna want to upgrade to an Orca eventually of course.


yes though thought that would happen

Then there would be no need for an Orca. The Orca boost bonus isn’t that much bigger than the Porpoise to justify the 2 billion ISK cost of an Orca vs 100 million ISK for a Porpoise. At that point everyone would just use a Porpoise…


then make the orca have better traits

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I seem to recall that porpoise is for a specific section of space and it was specialized that way. No one ship should be the end all be all. Pick your ship, pick your specialty


The Porpoise can squeeze through frigate size wormholes and is the biggest ship to be able to do so, even without any modules on.


I think the Porpoise is a fantastic ship that can excel in all areas of space, while the Orca is the ugly middle child that only gets by because it’s bigger than most other ships protected by Concord. Buff the Orca if anything. It’s in a terrible spot because it’s been exclusively balanced around its HS gank resistance, resulting in it being a terrible investment for anyone that isn’t tethered to the HS safety blanket.