Please fix the Orca

Hey CCP. The boosting capability of the orca vs the porpoise given the huge price difference is just not in a good place for the Orca. Yes it can compress more ores, yes it has a bigger mining/hold fleet hanger, but you can get round this by dropping containers for example.
The boosts even with a T2 Indy Core are minimal vs the porpoise, its basically in a very middle rubbish point at the moment and the skill training is intensive for such little gain, I was disappointed on exactly how much.

We need to either get the orca back to a reasonable price point (how this has gone from a 800m ship to a 4b one just for hull is ridiculous) So fix the build materials or give this much better boosting capability, at the moment there is absolute not much value vs risk putting an orca into siege mode vs using a porpoise on grid.

The solution is to lower the Command Burst Bonus from the Porpoise. One full-skilled Orca already Boosts the mining amount by 46%, which means (if you take the huge cargo and compression ability into consideration), it is already benefitial to use the Orca as second ship in your mining fleet (1 Miner + 1 Orca mine the same as 2 Miners and you have all other benefits). That is way too strong for a command-ship that should be used as fleet-support. These ships should be useful as 5th or 6th ship…

Ideally (with full skills + Foreman implant) the command bursts should look like this:

Porpoise: -15% module cycle time / cap, +30% module range
Orca: -25% module cycle time / cap, +50% module range
Rorqual: -35% module cycle time / cap, +70% module range

tldr: boost is already too strong, especially for a semi-passive ability most people run on an alt-char that needs close to zero attention once it runs.

The solution is to put them to same boost value, that is to downgrade the boost of the orca.

This way people may realize that the orca is not better at boosting.

I am happy they made the Prop more valuable and even kind of gave it a place where it is king, Ore mining. That being said the Orca needs an adjustment. They real value vs perceived value issue. The real cost is from materials and they are horrid priced, and the perceived cost is much lower since becuase of compression and the porp.

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