Should i fly the porpoise

Should i fly the porpoise?
What’s its benefits compared to the orca?
Im trying to train into one of them because i have 2 alts running barges moon mining so i was wondering if it would be worth it to train the 3rd alt into the porpoise than later the orca or just get a 3rd barge?


Smaller, faster, more agile, cheaper, can fit into wormholes if needed.

The Orca has better bonuses, larger holds, etc. but I’ve found that I actually prefer using the Porpoise for dealing with HS ore anomalies because it moves around more easily.

Absolutely go for the command ship. It will make a huge difference. My advice would be to train up for the Porpoise, then fly that while you continue to train that character (and save up) for an Orca since they share a training path.

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I may be wrong but I think orca and porpoise has same skill requirements


Yes, they do. What I was getting at was that once you get into the Porpoise, you can fly that (as well as the Orca), but you can continue to train up those skills to get the most out of the ship while you save up. Maxing out the mining command ship path takes quite a while (with all of the associated skills) so the Porpoise is a great way to get stared if you can’t afford the Orca straight away. Also, the Porpoise does have some advantages over the Orca as well, so it becomes a win-win.

O true indeed

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Porpoise >>> Barge if you are also multiboxing other barges.

In terms of Orca vs Porpoise, it depends on your situation.
From what I’ve heard from other players who run the Orca, they said that their boosts are only like, ~5% better.
I use the porpoise as I mine in NPC null, if I lose my porpoise and procurer, then I only lost 100mil, not 1 bil.


Yes you should get into an Ore Industrial Command ship. Maximum cycle time reduction with no implants should be about -33%. Mining will be a lot easier with either ship in your fleet.

If you limited on isk, then the Porpoise is the way to go. The Porpoise will still require your barges to warp out to unload because it has a smaller ore hold.

If you have the isk to buy an Orca then that is the way to go. An Orca and 2 barge pilots should be able to fill an Orca under 50 minutes when you have your skills trained.

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