Mining in 0.0

Hello there. I recently joined a null sec corporation, and I would like to know a few things before starting the mining.

First, what is Mercoxit ? Apparently I need special skills and equipment to mine it, does it have a special purpose ?

Then, I can go up to Mining Barge and I was using a Covetor with the help of an hauling alt in a Miasmos, can I still use that technique ? I think I’ll stay near of the home base, so the systems should be full of blues just in case.

About the defenses, are the drones of Covetor enough to take out the rats (Blood Raiders) ?

Also, for the minings operations (with the support of Orcas and Rorquals), should I stay with the mining yield of Covetor or should I go for the cargo space of Retriever ? I know both of them will be less effective than the Exhumers by quite a margin, but I still have 28 days of training before the T2 version.

And finally, what are the best ores in NullSec, so I can train the reprocessing skills accordingly.

Sorry for all those questions that will appear dumb for the more experienced ones ^^

Mine safe !
Nul Ewen.

You should ask that in your corp and alliance, not on open forums.

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“Newbro” pilots will have difficulty fielding enough damage output to kill null-sec rats from drones.
Belt spawns can range from cruisers all the way up to NPC Titans or Dreads.

Don’t expect fleet support from logistical support ships such as Rorq or Orca’s, it’s not always practical (or cost effective) to field them.

As far as the actual mining goes Ewen, there’s loads of Wiki material that spans years on various websites to educate you on the ins and outs of mining.

Mercoxit is the most valuable ore. Then goes arconor. Bistot crocite and others follow. Spodumain has the least value.
If you solo mine take procurer with combat drones.
If you have boosting ship ask to lock you and grab covetor. Covetor cant survive without remote shield reps.

Ask the group you’re mining with what you should mine. A solo covetor is not going to do well. Get a vexor navy issue and make more and easier isk.

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