Mining in null sec

so I’m pretty new to null sec.

But I’m there with an ALT. and I’m wondering is it worth to start mining there?
I can bring an Orca + boosts to fly on my main and with my alt i can fly a Procurer.

Is it still worth to mine in null sec? or can i better start training other skills on my alt? if its still a good way to make isk,

is it correct that Bistot ore i still one of the better ores to mine in nullsec?

How does your region of null sec look like, is it well defended by your corporation/alliance? Or is it completely empty and are you mining solo?

Procurer is a good choice to survive belt rats and a possible roaming small ship. Orca may be a bit expensive to lose while trying out null mining, perhaps try a Porpoise first?

Mining anomalies, ice belts and moons may still be worth it, if you enjoy mining and have access to those. Asteroid belts are mostly empty from what I’ve seen.

Ores in nullsec belts are no longer any good after the ore redistribution patch. You need a corp/alliance with sov to mine ore anomalies to get any different ores worth mining or do moon mining.

The days of just mining what you want in null for good are over for the time being.

What kinds of ore are available in null?

Depends on the region that you are. You can find that in the activite menu. If you are looking for anomalies you pretty much restrict to Arkonor and Bistot.

See the patch notes on ore redistribution. The anoms were changed and updated the yields. In the system I’m in without sov, it’s only one ore (pyrox I think).

Here the link for convenience :slight_smile:

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No you can’t, if you are not in a corporation and intend to go solo you might as well destroy your own ship and save yourself the trouble.

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